Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Draft re-cap

This is just a quick re-cap of the players taken in the draft. A few notes: I only looked at rounds 1-5 so if you got an all-star in round 6 way to go and sorry I missed him. Also my scouts didn't catch every player drafted (I put some notes about that in the forum) so some teams notes are less complete than others. At the bottom I also added an "awards" section.

A couple things I also noticed by looking at almost 150 players drafted. First off as a whole there seemed to be a much stronger group of position players than pitchers. There really only looked to be about 4 impact SPs in the draft -impact players meaning they should have multiple all-star appearances. SS and 2B seemed to be strong position groups, both offensively and defensively. There seemed to be less super hitting catchers than in the past, but they might have just fallen to later rounds since so many people have them. Also it seemed the player generator made lots of copies of fast CF with average splits, low power, and great range. Also there seemed to be quite a few 1B with high L/R splits, BE, but just average power ratings. Outside of the top couple of picks COF seemed to be an average group.

Arizona - very nice Closer, a RP/LHS type player, and a speedy OF/3b

Atlanta - 2nd Best pitcher in the draft with 29th pick Mullen, another solid SP in McLaughlin, and a solid RP in the 5th round

Austin - Solid SP with 11th pick, a CF with nice range, another speedy OF

Boston - unknown 1st, two very solid OF with above average bats and gloves,

Chicago - No first round pick, but picked up a nice SP in round two and a defensive specialist.

Cincinnati - Stud 3B Gaetti that should be MVP contender, Above average hitting 2b/CF, abd a fine IF prospect in Flores.

Cleveland - Solid SS in Kane, All round very good 2B Crespo, a rangy LH CF that hit RHs well, solid RP, another speedy OF, and a solid hitting 3B. Maybe no MVPs but solid core group.

Colorado Springs - A couple holdouts that might not sign, a very solid #2 hitter type RF prospect, a good hitting/defensive 2b/CF, and a decent backup OF type player.

Florida - MVP Candidate Hutton with first pick, a decent 3B, a power hitting DH, and a number of tough signings.

Hartford - no first round pick, still got a solid hitting 1B, Speedy defensive specialist 2b/CF, average hitting major league COF

Houston – My scouts didn’t get his prospects for round 1 and 2 but obviously focused on pitching. Looks to be a nice SP prospect if he signs, future closer, a solid 2B, a high OBP C/DH, and a LRA type P. Multiple decent ML prospects.

Indianapolis - Potential All-Star SP in Cortes, a couple of decent tough signing guys. There were only 4 SPs in the draft that have star quality and Cortes is one of them.

Las Vegas - Very nice SS prospect with a great bat in Boliver, a solid hitting speedy 3B, a decent hitting quality fielding SS.

LA - A nice SP that should do well in their park, some other decent SP/RPs but no position players until 10th rd.

Louisville - Best defensive SS in the draft that could hit, followed by another one, a good SP, a SuA type player, a power hitting 2b/OF, and a number of borderline SP/RP in picks 52 through 141.

Memphis - a speedy top of the order type OF, a couple of decent hitting 2b/CF types, and a future major league backup IF.

Milwaukee - Top SP in the draft, a speedy quality defensive CF/2B that can hit, a good OBP/RBI 1B prospect, another slugging 1B/DH.

Minnesota - A decent Outfielder. Heavy on the SPs, but so many have average to poor L/R splits they might find the road to the big leagues tough.

Monterrey - A beast of a 2B prospect in Cesar Park, followed by some decent SP prospects. Also a power hitting 1B.

Montreal - Grabbed one of the few exceptional SPs, a few unknowns, a very nice power hitting SS that can field well, a couple more decent middle relief type guys and a speedy CF.

NY - Picked up a decent hitting 2B Cambell that could lead the league in SBs, and a power hitting OF. The 4th rd C/DH should be a superior OBP players.

Oklahoma - Jimmy Colon looks to be an all-star/gold glove SS and will be an impact player. Also got a couple of decent RPs.

Richmod - picked a light hitting phenomenal fielding SS late in rd 1. A decent hitting 2B in rd 2 followed by a borderline RP prospect.

Sacramento - A solid SP prospect, he also grabbed two power hitting 3B and a speedy CF.

Salem - No 1st rd, a decent hitting speedy 2b with a great glove, followed by 3 light hitting SS.

Salt Lake City – Their first round pick is playing hardball and might not sign. 2nd rd pick looks to be a great #2 hitter in their lineup, a couple of OFs in round 3 and 4 should also make the majors.

Santa Fe - A phenomenal prospect in Anderson that will put up MVP numbers in that ballpark. Followed up with a power hitting SS that has a good glove and a switch hitting 1B that should have a decent OBP.

Scottsdale - 11 picks in 5 rounds, mostly slugging types. No SPs in their first 14 picks.

St. Louis - Only had one pick in rd 1-5 and my scouts didn't see him.

Texas – My scouts missed two of his picks top picks (P and 2B) looks like they might be holding out. Savage is a 2B with a good glove and nice bat, Locko is a light hitting speedy CF with a good glove.

Toronto - If he signs Isringhausen could be a powerful hitter, he picked up another great bat in Presley but he really projects to a DH. Also added a couple of fringe pitchers.

Washington - Focused on pitching, Chapman looks to be a quality middle relief player. My scouts did see 1st round pick.

Best Value Award

Atlanta – To pick up 2 quality pitchers (one with all-star potential) and a solid RP with their picks is a great job. One of the top 5 drafts of the day.

Building with Depth Award

Cleveland – They had a 4 picks from 17-51. There is not a HOF in the group, but there are a bunch of solid ML quality players that will make a solid core for the team.

Was it enough? Award

Florida – It looks like 3 of the top 4 picks won’t sign, and they aren’t exactly in the position to be giving up decent draft picks. Then again if you draft Albert Pujols do you really complain about the draft? Most guys from pick 15 down would give up their draft to get Hutton.

First one to 100 wins Award

Santa Fe – Derrick Flynn partnered with JP Anderson in a couple of years could be a scary lineup, outside of Hutton he’s the most dominating player in the draft. But not picking a pitcher until round 17 might not be a formula for success every year particularly in a need area.

Scottsdale - was honorable mention in this group. A lot of power hitters and zilch on the pitchers.

Back to the basics Award

Montreal – This team did not make the sexy picks, but it was a solid draft. The picks were quality players and they focused on defense and pitching.

Best Drafts

I really thought two team did very well.

Cincinnati – Not only did they get a superstar in Gaetti they also got two other IFs that should combine to make a nice young core.

Monterrey – Probably the most well rounded draft in the league. Most teams were heavy on pitching or heavy on position players. They got all-star position players and still managed to land a couple of good pitching prospects.

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