Monday, September 3, 2007

More on Fielding

Looked at the numbers of earned vs unearned runs from season 5.

In Morgan World the average team 89% of the scored runs were earned runs. I used the method of each team's average instead of all combined runs vs. unearned runs because that would lend more weight to teams that gave up more total runs. This way everyone has 1/32 of a say in the league total.

In MLB this season 91% of the runs scored were earned runs.

Morgan world teams varied from a high of 92% to a low of 84%, there were a number around the 91-92% mark.

MLB teams varied from a high of 95% to a low of 87%. Only one team had 94%.

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Steve said...

Once again...these percentages will not matchup. As opposed to the MLB.....HBD owners seem content to continue starting a SS with a .940 fielding percentage. A GM in the MLB would be forced to correct this situation.....while a GM in HBD just complains about it but won't shift the guy to CF or 2B and put in an inferior hitter at SS.

Try this.....just compare the Top 15 fielding teams in HBD to the Top 15 fielding teams in MLB?