Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First Half Review and Award

Around the half way point in the season now. The bad news is 6 of 8 division races seem to be decided. The good news is that AL North race and AL South race are very tight. The NL wildcard race could be a bloodbath. Seven teams (Toronto, Cincy, KC, Wichita, Boston, Houston, and Arizona) are within 3 games of each other for the two wild card berths. Trade deadline deals could have a big impact on this race. In the NL DC and LA are in control of the wildcard race now, and at this point the only threats to their playoff hops are Sacramento, Salem, and the loser of the Memphis/Santa Fe division race.

First Half AL MVP

Derrick Flynn (SFE) gets the slight edge of Tony Tarasco (NY) and Harry Roque (SCO) because of his great play in the field.

First Half NL MVP

Carlos Johnson (HAR) is the pretty clear winner so far for MVP over Doug Connelly (ARI) and Tim Smith (HOU)

First Half AL Cy Young

This was a tight race, but Ramon Ramirez (MEM) gets the nod over Jerome Turner (SCO). I would also expect to see Vin Burks (NY) and Earl Wilkerson (SCO) there at the end.

First Half NL Cy Young

Banjo Melhouse (ATL) has been dominating and looks to be the clear winner, but Vitas Sobkowiak (CIN) leads the entire league in IP, SO, and WHIP, and is 4th in ERA, I call this a tie so far. Al Gutierrez (StL) Joel Coleman (StL) and Richard Kim (TOR) also expect to be in consideration for the award at the end of the season.

RP Awards and Rookie Awards

I don’t do these, RPs are too unpredictable and there is no easy way to find Rookies.

Out of Nowhere Award – Player

Dan Turner (LAA) - 3rd in RBI, top 10 in HRs. At 29 years old and in his second season in the majors he is adding some punch to the LAA Lineup. Honorable mention is SP Richard Kim (TOR)

Out of Nowhere Award – Team

Los Angeles Penetrators – A first year coach taking over a team that had finished last 4 years in a row and leading the wild card race. Nobody expected this.

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