Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Best Free Agent Class

These are in a loose order about my opinion of who added the most talent in free agency.

NY-N SP Mike Andrews, OF Ben Musial, IF Tom Terrell

Mike Andrews is the largest per season contract even seen in Morgan World. Mike is certainly talented, 4 consecutive seasons of sub 4.00 ERA is very good and he will give you 200+ IPs, and while he is 32 years old it is only a 3 year contract. Its a lot of money, but I don't think it was stupid money spent. The Tom Terrell signing was ok, but I thought there were better and cheaper albeit older 2B on the market at the time. Ben Musial is a former MVP and is a monster with a bat that could end up in the HOF. He’s a bit older, but signed for a song. They got two real difference makers in free agency. They also signed a few guys that they ended up waiving or releasing already.

Anaheim – OF Albert Guzman, IF Dick Yeats, P Mack Ramirez, P Eric Franklin, CF Shane Wilson, P Tony Floyd, SS Tanner Dransfeldt

Seems like every year I write this list Anaheim is at the top. Another great free agent class, and another class that is heavy on the Geritol pills. SS Tanner Dransfeldt is a good pickup. 3B Yeats is a borderline HOF, and you have to wonder what his career numbers would look like if he got to play in his prime. He’s no longer a star though and is more of a solid contributor. Pitchers Ramirez, Floyd, and Franklin are just looking to fill a role and keep that ERA under 4.50.

Florida – SP Joel Coleman, 1B/COF Miguel Vincent, SP Donnie McFeely, C Nicholas Miller

I like the Coleman and McFeely signings. This team has talent, but it needed some SPs that could eat innings. Don’t know how much computer players benefit from it, but it can’t hurt to have Coleman’s 2 Cy Young awards in your rotation. Obviously this team has some spare payroll though, because I have a hard time finding out how/why they committed $15M total contract to Vincent.

Indianapolis – SP Ted Stoops, RP Quinton Ventrella.

Stoops is a quality innings eater. He will do nothing but help this team, but he did sign a pretty large 5 year contract and has a career 5.04 ERA. Indy doesn’t have much committed to payroll right now, so it is not an awful contract. Personally I like the $50M total contract that NY-N spent on Mike Andrews more than the $46M total contract committed to Stoops. I realize the terms are different, but for similar total value Andrews is a Cy Young candidate and Stoops is just a good solid pitcher.

LV – C/PH Ozzie Daugherty, SP Hector Romero, RP Dusty Blake

SP Romero will do well for this team. He’s an interesting pitcher with some of the best pitcher ratings in the league, but he has poor control. So what you get is a roller coaster of performances during the season. He will pitch a 9 Inning 3 hit shutout with 13Ks, and follow it up with 2.2 IPs 6BB and 7 ER. Blake is a decent RP, and C/PH Daugherty still has a good bat.

Memphis CF Felipe Onteveras, SS Alfredo Gonzalez

Memphis is working to bolster their defense with two light hitting great defense guys.

Augusta – SP BC Sierra, SP Al Gutierrez, P Louis Maxwell, RP Marc Wayne.

Augusta was able to re-sign some of their big name pitchers and picked up a quality RP/CLA in Marc Wayne.

Cleveland – COF Vic Saenz, P Andy Lowe

Cleveland picked up 2 time all-star Vic Saenz. He is getting older, but still can hit. Saenz reminds me of Darrin Erstad.

Nashville - SP Ozzie Hines, SP Curtis Greenwood.

Not a spectacular pair of FA SPs, but they fill a void until the prospects arrive. They might even outperform some of the higher priced FA in our league

NY-A SP Vin Lee, 2B Dan West, RF Earnest Strange

NY with its loaded team didn't need to find a star as much as they needed to find depth. West is a former all-star, but at 35 he will be asked to play a roll instead of having to carry to the team. At $3M per it was a very good signing. Lee is another former all-star that will fill a need for this team, but double digit wins is unlikely.

Texas - SP Gil Kwon

After a breakout year in Season 6 when he pitched 247 IPs with a 3.86, season 7 was a disapointment for Kwon. Texas got the 31 year old Kwon for a good price and hopes he bounces back.

Albuquerque – SS Erubiel Valdes, 1B Jon Zentmeyer. Signed a quality defensive SS in Valdes and a pretty good slugger in Zentmeyer who should hit .290/35/110

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