Tuesday, May 27, 2008

International Prospect Analysis

NL North

Cleveland Cleveland Stormtroopers- ($16.5m/year) As the proud owner of this franchise, I can say that a great job with IFAs in seasons 2 and 3 is fueling this team currently, with the inexpensive additions of Louie Alvarado, Jesus Perez, and Willie Pena. But since then the team has made only one signing that I feel is worth mentioning in Torey Brito, who may platoon at first in Cleveland with Antonio Maduro. Cleveland has only the three aforementioned IFAs on the ML roster, and earns a grade of C-.

Toronto Storks- ($28.75m/year) In his first six seasons, barjaz only dabbled in the international market, but in the last two seasons Toronto has placed a new focus on IFAs. The fruits of this labor are three big time signings. The first is Jimmie Gabriel, who I see as a solid number three starter. The second is Jimmie Astacio, who could be a superb closer, but may better serve the team as a long reliever or setup type so that he can get many more innings than simply closing would allow. Last is Hector Guzman, who cannot produce like Yamid Sierra has, but should still get on base well. 3 IFAs on the team currently, and the highest grade I’ve given thus far, an A-.

Boise Falcons- ($34.25m/year) hurricane384, like douglasdao, simply hasn’t been able to hit any homeruns on the IFA market, repeatedly transferring money out of his prospect budget as a result of nothing coming along. Boise has not signed any prospects that demanded a signing bonus greater than five million(Louie Fernandez). An example of what has been typical for this franchise are signings like Juan Montanez, Edgar Estalella, and Ugueth Martin, all of whom have the potential to help out the ML club, but none of whom I would consider to be late-first/early-second round talent. 2 IFAs on the current roster, and a C- grade.

Augusta Mainiacs- ($26.75m/year) Augusta has been relatively quiet on the IFA front, signing only two players. One of those two, Sammy Blasco, should be a super sub for this team, with the ability to play every position and ridiculous speed. The other one was one of the top two signings of season 6 in Eduardo Merced, who represents the elusive plus defender at short who can also rake. The ML team has 3 IFAs, and a grade of B for getting lucky in season 6.

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