Thursday, August 22, 2013

50% rule

This is a bit longer than a typical message so I picked this over world chat, but I wanted to let the league know my thoughts. The process came from messages I have received from multiple owners asking what could be done about owners that tank for prospects. HBD does have some rules that help us, but we have also run into the rare owner that when asked said they know what WifS rules are on fair play and they were aiming for the minimum to not get expelled. In essence the league has let me know that they do not want owners that spend as little as possible on the ML team and once a minimum win total is reached end the season on a 17 game losing streak so they can lock down that first pick. At the same time this game has steep learning curve, and we don't want to be too harsh on new owners trying to get a grasp of how it works. I certainly do not want to add rules to the league but due to owners that try to flaunt the system I made a change to try preserve the competitiveness of this league. I chose 50% of actual budget for a couple of reasons. The type of team that creates problems for the league is one that funnels virtually all of there money into prospects while leaving the major league team a shambles. Instead of putting hard stops on owners about a team must spend X amount of dollars on the majors or limit their prospect dollars to a hard amount, the 50% rule gives them a chance to control their budgets and still protects the league from owners that spend $100 to lose for 4 seasons then build a super team.

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