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Pre Season Rankings-Season 31

AL Rankings: (Playoff Finish listed)

1. Dover-World Series Champ
Led by their powerful and young offense (MVP-1b/dh-Ramsay(awesome power), AS-C-Myers(powerful), AS-LF-Nathan(power), AS-RF Purcell(power and obp), 1b-Hamilton (power and obp). All 5 power hitters are capable of hitting 40+hrs for this season.  Adding a young stud CF-Pizzaro and future Hall Famer DH-Chen to the mix as well.  Dover improved their veteran rotation led by vet AS SP-Gardner and future ace rookie SP-Guzman.  Dover will be hard to beat and has some room to grow with alot of their talent in their 20's.

2. Phildelphia-
Led by a deep rotation SP ace-Winchester, AS SP vet- Duncan, Young ace SP-Martin, and SP-Pineda.  AS Closer-Rodriquez is one of the best in Morgan. Their balance offense is led by AS SS-Mercedes (power), AS 3b-Wallace (obp), AS 2b- Terry and Rookie CF-Price.  Phildelphia is another team with alot of talent in their 20's.

3. Vancouver-AL West Champ
Veteran Squad led by CY SP legend-DeRojas and SP-Gabriel.  They have a young closer in Reimold.  Their offense is led by AS SS-Bolick, AS LF-Hukata (great power), 1b-Howard, AS-3b-Peguro, and AS-2b-Purcell (obp).  Vancouver looks to be the favorite in the tough AL West.

4. Milwaukee-
Led by a deep rotation AS-SP Uribe, AS-SP-Nieves, AS SP-Ford, and young SP-Bravo.  AS Closer Cubilian is one of the best in Morgan.  The more balanced offense is led by AS 3b-Carson and AS LF-Gonzalez. Two Rookies look to be factor 1b-Elcano and LF-Hansen.  Milwaukee is young and looking to return to the playoffs.

5. Salem-AL Runner UP
Led by strong pitching CY SP legend Duran and Young Ace SP-Kotchman.  Pitching is their bread and butter in Salem.  Their offense is led by AS SS-Martin (great glove) and AS 1b-Sanders (great power).  Salem looks to continue their run towards another playoff apperance.

6. Richmond-AL South Champ
Led by a veteran core which hopes to improve on last year's 100 win season.  CY SP-Gabriel leads a veteran pitching staff.  MVP 3b-Santiago (possibly the best player in the game) leads a balanced offense with the help of AS RF-Abercombie (power/obp), AS SS-Mota (great glove), AS CF-Bland (moving 2b for his glove), AS IF-Scheffler (moving to 1b with his obp). Richmond is still the class of the south division.

7. Washington
This is a  young and upcoming team of the AL.  They are hoping to compete for the division title and Wild card spot in season 31.  They are lead by a strong pitching staff AS vet ace-Tatum, AS SP-Gallardo, and SP future ace-Manusco.  Their young offense is led by AS SS-Coles, AS 1b-Navarro, Rookie of the Year-Olivo (power), and young talent in 3b-Reed and 2b-Fonda.  Look out for Washington.

8. Boise-AL Wild Card
Lead by strong pitching AS SP-Gomez and AS SP-Lee.  Their offense is led by AS RF-Abyar (great power).  Boise looks to continue with their playoff apperances in the strong AL West.

9. Texas-
This is another up and coming team in the AL.  They are led by their by strong offense duo of AS 2b-Henry (power) and AS Cf-Godfrey (great all around talent).  The pitching could be an issue for improvement but they have AS Closer-ONeill. Texas is a team on the rise in AL.

10. Rochester-AL East Champ
This team which is revamping their themselves in talent and location after moving from Indy.  They are still led by strong pitching AS SP vet-Moya and AS SP ace-Toca.  Their offense is powered by the powerful AS 1b-Duensing.  Rochester is still a very dangerous team with their remaining talented stars on their roster.

11. Charlotte-
They have some promising young talent on the way.  They are led by AS SS-Nitching and AS DH-Eveland with great power.  Couple of their young talented players are 2b-Brush and Closer-Cortes.  Charlotte and Texas could be a problem for Richmond if they slip up.

12. Syracuse-
They are a team in their 2nd year of rebuilding.  They have one of the closers in AS Jacquez and they have a young power hitting RF-Bailey as well.  Syracuse did finish above .500 in year one of rebuilding.

13. Las Vegas-
They are a veteran team led by AS 2b-Fuentes.  They are under new ownership for this season and play in a tough division.

14. Columbus-
They are rebuilding in Columbus under a veteran owner.  They hope to show some improvement but play in a tough division with Defending World Series Champ (Dover).

15. Baltimore-
They are rebuilding with a new veteran owner.  They have a young RF-Kuttler and a AS closer Yount.

16. Tampa-
They are rebuidling under a new owner.  They have young RF-Tanner (power).

Playoff Predictions:
1. Dover
2. Phildelphia
3. Vancouver
4. Richmond
5. Milwaukee
6. Salem

Darkhorses: Washington, Texas, and Rochester

ALCS: Dover vs Phildelphia

NL Rankings:

1.  Scottsdale-NL Champ
They are led by their balance offense with MVP SS-Hutch (great star), MVP-2b-Barry (power), and Young CF-Bush.  They have a deep pitching staff with CY SP-Terrero, AS SP vet-Villa, and SP Martin.  They are replacing some older player with new pieces (Young Power hitting OF-Burke).  Health will be key with some of their vets especially their pitchers.  Scottsdale is the class of a very tough NL West.

2. New Orleans-NL Runner Up
They are led by a very deep pitching staff CY SP vet-Phelps, AS SP-James, AS SP vet-Witse, and young pitching ace SP-Burgess.  They have a solid closer in SP-Lui.  Their offense is led by AS CF-Brinkley (all around star with power), AS IF's Jackson and Randa, and young power hitting 1b-Moore.  New Orleans seems prepared for the competitive NL South.

3. Salt Lake-NL Wild Card
They love their starters in Salt Lake led by AS ace SP-Tilland and AS SP-Gose.  Their deep offense is led by AS 2b-Crosby (star), AS RF-Cepeda, SS-Camacho (power), and AS 3b- Sanez (obp).  Salt Lake looks to get back to the World Series after missing the series last season after Winning the previous 3 titles.

4. Hartford-NL East Champ
They are looking for another division in Season 31.  They have their 1st ace since Kneeper in AS SP-Melo.  Their offense is led by AS OF-White, AS C-Willamson (young power with great obp, and Young CF-Fife (future star).  Hartford looks to the favorite in the very competitive NL East.

5. Toronto-
This is a veteran team looking to rebound from a down season in season 30.  They are led by CY SP-Kearns, AS P-DiMaggio and AS closer Aoki.  Their veteran offense is led by AS LF-Jensen (all around obp master), AS 2b-Jaso, C-Kingland (obp), and AS Cf-Bulter.  Toronto will be pushed by Burlington and Chicago in the NL North.

6. Burlington-NL North Champ
This young team is led by pitching SP rookie-Valenzula (future ace) and SP young ace-Post.  Their offense is powered by 1b-Lopez(power), AS 3b-Molina, and 1b vet-Griggs.  They have young position talent in RF-Martinez and SS-Nichols. The defending NL North champ won't be easy to dethrone from their crown in the division.

7.  Pittsburgh-
They probably have the most young talent in morgan outside of Washington in the AL.  Their pitching is led by AS SP-Montana.  Most of the talent is in their everyday lineup with AS 1b-Ramirez (power), 3b-Morgan (power), CF-Arias (glove), SS-Witasck (glove/power), LF-Padilla (power), and future stars in 2b-Iglesas and RF-Fernandez.  There is alot of talent for the new owner to use to turn the franchise around.

8. Chicago-
They have a good mixture of young and veteran talent.  They are led by their pitching with AS ace SP-Holloway.  Their offense is led by veterans 3b-Moorman, SS-Coombs, and RF-Molina.  They have a young talent in RF-Manship.  Chicago seems poised to break through with a solid season in the North.

9. Arizona-
They seem to be improved in the tough NL West Division.  They are led by AS ace-Byrne and SP-Nunez.  Their offense is led by AS vet 2b-Hannity, Young 2b-Veras, and Rookie 2b-Mulholland.  Arizona seems poised to challenge for a wild card spot but it will be difficult with the improving middle of the NL (Teams 7-13 are very similar in talent).

10. Colorado Springs-NL West Champ
They are rebuilding with young players but still have plenty of talent to be a factor.  They are led by CY and RY ace-SP Soto.  Their offense is led by AS-CF-Hernandez (glove), AS LF-Terry (power), 3b-Duran, and 1b-Below (rookie).

11. St Louis-
They have some of the best young talent in the game.  They are hoping to improve by 5-10 games for this season. Their young talent is AS RF-Hatcher (young star), AS C-Houston (power/obp), CF-Newfield, and LF-McMasters.  They have AS Closer in Ackely.

12. Pawtucket-
They could be a surprise team with a new owner for this season.  They are led by a powerful offense AS SS-Cortez (power), AS C-Redman (obp), AS RF-Cabrera (power), and AS 3b-Ozuna.  Their pitching is led by SP ace-Carey.

13. Santa Fe-
They are a veteran team which knows how to win.  They are led by AS 2b-Guitterez and vets RF-Menodza and 3b-Barden.  Their pitching staff is led by SP-Alexander and Matheson.

14. Atlanta-
They are a younger team which keeps on improving.  They are led by AS 3b-Romano and Young Cf- Wickman and Banks.

15. Scranton-
They are a team which has shown improvement under new ownership.  They are led by Powerful 1b-Stull and AS 2b-Charleston.  They have a good closer in Chapman from free agency

16. Toledo-
They are rebuilding under a 2nd year owner.  They have a AS 2b-Teherhan.

Playoff Predictions:

2. New Orleans
3. Hartford
4. Toronto
5. Salt Lake
6. Burlington

Darkhorses: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Arizona, Colorado Springs, Pawtucket

NLCS: Scottsdale vs New Orleans

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