Wednesday, August 6, 2014

PreSeason Rankings- Season 32

AL Rankings:  Best Players in the League listed;

1. Milwaukee-defending AL Champ
SP-Uribe-AS, SP-Nieves-AS, SP-Ford-AS, SP-Bravo-AS, Closer-Cubillan-AS/FY, 1b-Elcano-rising young star, 3b-Carson-AS, DH-Eveland-AS, RF-Gonzalez-AS/GG, LF-Hansen-rising young star

2. Vancouver-defending AL West Champ and AL Runner Up
SP-DeRojas-Legend AS/CY, SP-Gabriel-AS, Closer-Reimold-rising young star, 3b-Koh-AS, 2b-Purcell-AS, LF-Hukata-AS/SS, 1b-Howard, CF-Bolick-superstarAS/SS

3. Dover-defending AL North Champ
SP-Guzman-top AS/CY, SP-Gose-AS, SP-Gardner-AS, CF-Pizzaro-AS, C-Myers-AS, 1b-Hamilton, RF-Purcell-AS/SS, 1b-Ramsey-AS/SS, LF-Nathan-AS/SS, 3b-Crosby-AS/GG, SS-Camacho

4. Washington-defending AL East Champ
SP-Gallardo-AS, SP-Tatum-AS, SP-Mancuso-rising young star, Closer-Flores-rising young  star, SS-Coles-superstar AS/SS, LF-Olivo-rising young star,1b-Navarro-AS, 3b-Reed-rising young star, 1b-Jensen

5. Richmond-defending AL South Champ
SP-Gabriel-AS/CY, SP-Carey, 3b-Santiago-superstar MVP/SS/AS, LF-Martin-AS/SS, SS-Mota-AS, RF-Abercombie-AS/SS, 2b-Bland-AS/GG, 1b-Scheffler-AS

6. Phildelphia-Wild Card
SP-Martin-young rising star, SP-Winchester, SP-Pineda-young rising star, Closer-Rodriquez-AS, SS-Mercedes-AS/SS, LF-Price-superstar AS/GG, 2b-Terry-AS/GG, 3b-Wallace-AS

7. Boise
SP-Gomez, SP-Tillman-AS, SP-Lee-AS, 1b-Abyar-AS/SS

8. Salem
SP-Duran-Legend AS/CY, SP-Kotchman-young rising star, SP-Beneitz, 3b-Johnston, 1b-Sanders-AS

9. Texas
Closer-O'Neill-AS, LF-Godfrey-AS/GG, 2b-Henry-AS/GG, 3b-Romano-AS/GG, LF-Yoshill

10. Columbus
SP-Pascual-RY Candidate, SP-Matheson, CF-Story-young rising star, 2b-Espinoza-young rising star

11. Syracuse
Closer-Jacquez-AS/FY, CF-Jungman-RY Candidate, 2b-Vasquez-AS, 3b-Bailey, RF-Terry-AS

12. Rochester
SP-Toca-AS, 1b-Duensing-AS/SS

13. Charlotte
2b-Brush-young rising star, CF-Bonilla-young rising star, SS-Nitching-AS/GG

14. Baltimore
RF-Kuttler-young rising star

15. Tampa

16. Los Angeles

Playoff Predictions:
1. Milwaukee
2. Vancouver
3. Washington
4. Richmond
5. Dover
6. Phily
ALCS: Washington vs Dover

Rising Teams; Texas, Salem, Boise, and Columbus

NL Rankings
1. Scottsdale-defending NL West Champ
SP-Villa-AS, SP-Willamson, SP-Terrero-AS/CY, SS-Hutch-superstar MVP/SS/AS, 2b-Barry-superstar MVP/SS/AS, RF-Burker-rising young star, CF-Bush

2. Burlington-defending NL North Champ and NL Runner-Up
SP-Valzenula-AS, SP-Post-rising young star, LF-Lopez-AS/SS, SS-Nicholas-rising young star, 3b-Molina-AS/SS, RF-Martinez-rising young star

3. New Orleans-defending NL South Champ
SP-Alexander-CY, SP-James-AS, Closer-Lui-AS, CF-Brinkley-superstar MVP/SS/AS, 3b-Jackson-AS/GG, 1b-Moore-SS, 2b-Hannity-AS

4. Pittsburgh-defending NL East Champ
SP-Montana-AS, RF-Fernandez-superstar AS, 2b-Neughauer-SS/RY, CF-Igelsias-GG, 3b-Maddox-rising young star, CF-Arias-SS, SS-Witasack-GG

5. Arizona-
SP-Byrne-AS, 2b-Veras-young rising star, 2b-Muholland-young rising star, CF-Campbell-RY candidate, LF-Chang-RY candidate

6. St Louis-Wild Card
Closer-Ackley-AS/FY, RF-Hatcher-superstar AS/SS, C-Houston-AS/SS, CF-Newfield-young rising star, LF-McMasters

7. Chicago-
SP-Holloway-AS, SP-Christansen-young rising star, SP-Carson-young rising star, SS-Martin-RY Candidate, RF-Manship-young rising star, RF-Molina

8. Toronto
SP-Kearns-CY/AS, P-DiMaggio-AS, Closer-Aoki-AS, C-Kingland-AS/SS, 2b-Jaso-AS, LF-Jensen-superstar MVP/AS/SS

9. Salt Lake-defending WS Champ
SP-Medina, SS-Wingo, 2b-Crosby-AS, 2b-Sanez-AS/SS

10. Jacksonville
SP-Melo-AS, CF-Fife-young rising star, C-Willamson-AS, 2b-White-AS/SS

11. Colorado Springs
SP-Soto-AS/CY, CF-Hernandez-AS
12. Scranton
Closer-Chapman-AS, 1b-Stull-young rising star, 2b-Teheran-AS/SS, RF-Coles-AS

13. Huntington
3b-Ozuna-AS, SS-Cortez-AS/SS, 3b-Cabrera-AS, CF-Brinkley-RY Candidate

14. Atlanta
Closer-McRae-AS, RF-Withem-young rising star, CF-Wickman-young rising star

15. Santa Fe
SP-Alexander, SS-Peguro-AS

16. Toledo

Playoff Predictions
1. Scottsdale
2. Burlington
3. New Orleans
4. Pittsburgh
5. Arizona
6. St Louis
NLCS: Scottsdale vs New Orleans

Rising Teams: Chicago, Toronto, Jacksonville and Scranton

WS; Dover vs Scottsdale-Dover wins in 6

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