Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Playoff Preview-Season 33

Playoff Preview:


1. Dover 110-52 Avg-4th, HR-1st, Runs-1st, sb-11th, ERA-1st, Fielding-2nd
4th straight division title
Defending WS Champ (won 2 out of the last 3 WS titles)

2. Washington 105-57-Avg-6th, HR-2nd, Runs-3rd, Sb-8th, ERA-3rd, Fielding-4th
3rd straight division title

3. Richmond 104-58-Avg-2nd, HR-4th, Runs-2nd, Sb-5th,ERA-4th, Fielding-1st
8th straight division title

4. Vancouver 94-68-Avg-3rd, HR-10th, Runs-7th, Sb-8th, ERA-2nd, Fielding-13th
4th straight division title

5. Syracuse 93-69-Avg-5th, HR-3rd, Runs-6th, Sb-16th, ERA-6th, Fielding-15th
2nd straight playoff apperance

6. Phildelphia 89-73-Avg-9th, HR-5th, Runs-5th, Sb-7th, ERA-5th, Fielding-16th
3rd straight playoff apperance

3-Richmond vs 6-Phildephia
Richmond with a little better offense and better fielding will be the difference over a very good phily team. Richmond wins in 5.

4-Vancouver vs 5-Syracuse
Syracuse pulls an upset with a young improving team.  Syracuse wins in 4.

1-Dover vs 5-Syracuse
Dover continues their great run against their division rival.  Dover wins in 4.

2-Washington vs 3-Richmond
Washington finally breaks thru with their great pitching depth against a very good Richmond team.  Washington wins in 5.

1-Dover vs 2-Washington
Dover wins in a great series which could go towards Washington with their great pitching but need to go with the champ until proven otherwise. Dover wins in 7


1. Scottsdale 119-43- Avg-1st, HR-1st, Runs-1st, Sb-2nd, ERA-1st, Fielding-8th
3rd Straight divison title and 7th straight playoff apperance
NL record 119 wins

2. St Louis 94-68-Avg-16th, HR-6th, Runs-14th, Sb-5th, ERA-2nd, Fielding-5th
3rd straight playoff apperance and lst division title since season 13

3. Pittsburgh 87-75-Avg-13th, HR-3rd, Runs-7th, Sb-1st, ERA-7th, Fielding-11th
3rd straight division title

4. Burlington 85-77-Avg-9th, HR-5th, Runs-11th, Sb-16th, ERA-4th, Fielding-9th
4th straight playoff apperance and 1st division title since season 32

5. New Orleans 91-71-Avg-8th, HR-9th, Runs-12th, Sb-11th, ERA-3rd, Fielding-1st
4th straight playoff apperance
Defending NL Champ

6. Chicago 85-77-Avg-11th, HR-4th, Runs-13th, Sb-13th, ERA-5th, Fielding-3rd
1st playoff apperance since season 25

3-Pittsburgh vs 6-Chicago
Very even series against two improving team.  Chicago wins in 5 because of veteran acquired during the season.

4-Burlington vs 5-New Orleans
Another even series against two playoff tested teams.  New Orelans wins in 5 which could either way.

1-Scottsdale vs 5-New Orleans
Scottsdale is trying to finish one of the great seasons in league history.  Scottsdale wins in 4.

2-St Louis vs 6-Chicago
This is a even series but St Louis wins in 5 due to the home field and closer ackley.

1-Scottsdale vs 2-St Louis
Scottsdale is the more complete team but St Louis is on the upswing. Scottsdale wins in 6.

World Series
1-Dover vs 1-Scottsdale
One of the greatest World Series matchups in league history.  Scottsdale trying to break thru with a title with this great group but Dover wins their 3rd title in 4 years,  Dover wins in 7.

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