Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Updated FA List - with signings

Starting Pitchers - There are more high end SPs available this year than in the previous seasons.

Joel Coleman – Cy Young winner in season 4, set the single season record for wins and threw 10CG last season and had a 3.62 ERA in a hitter park. He is 34 years old.
Eric Monroe - Arguably the best FA pitcher available, only 31 and no major flaws.
Matt Charles - Among the best pitchers in the league before injury. Still can pitch, but stamina took a hit after his season 3 injury and can't go 9 innings every 4 days anymore. Washington re-signed
Terrence Davis - One of the league's best SP, but age is starting to show. Career leader in Wins. Louisville re-signed
BC Sierra - Tough season 4, but season 3 he was 17-8 2.75. Career leader in WHIP. Older but still can pitch.
Donald Nakajima - Only 32 and has a 56-24 4.21 career numbers.
Hector Romero - Control is a major problem, but best L/R splits in the league. Only pitcher that can overcome that poor control. Can dominate in pitchers park. Career K leader.
Mac Ramirez – Mac won’t be an all-star, but will be a perfect #4 SP. He has the control and pitch ratings to keep you in every game, consistently average. Sacremento re-signed
Vic Green - Will save your bullpen with his stamina, last 2 seasons sub 4.00 ERA
Flip Lawrence - Might have one last season in him, but could be a back of the rotation SP.

Relief Pitchers - Some good players, but RPs can be a hit or miss signing

Dwight Marshall - one of the league's best setup men, dur means he can pitch every other day
Alvin Mills - a Closer that can be very good, has 3 "plus" pitches. Washington re-signed
Chris Santangelo - His season 3 stats were some of the leagues best ever, career leader in Saves.
Andre Star – Sure he’s old at 36, but he has posted sub 4.00 era past three seasons and keeps the ball in the park. He’s got at least one if not two good years left.
Joel Fox - Alternates good and bad years - season 5 should be good.
Daniel Malone - Top 5 career saves leader, but heading towards the end of his career.
Phillip Redmond - Good rating but has played for some bad teams, GB/FB ratio suited for pitchers park

Nolan Cookson – This guy is ancient at 38, but his ratings are still decent and had a 3.28 ERA in 57 innings last season.
Garret Judd - Has SP ratings, but performed horrible as a SP. Put up solid closer stats.

Position Players -

Preston Riggs - Has superior power, speed, and obp. The #1 FA hitter. Washington re-signed
Will Sikorski – A top notch leadoff hitter. #5 on career hits list and a .379 career OBP.
Greg Mathews - Tremendous Power hitting C.
Augie Dunston - Good OF with a high OBP. 2nd in career walks.
Kyle Carroll - #3 on career list for SB, good BE and vR ratings.
Hong-Jin Ramirez - Great L/R splits, career .897 OPS.
Barry Durocher - #2 Career OBP for the league. Perfect for hitting second in a lineup.
Kris Jenkins - Well rounded player, could compliment any lineup.
Steve Thomas - A powerful bat and only 27 years old.
Ryan Toombs - Great fielding SS - 3rd in career SS fielding %.
Louie Palacios - Great hitter, but might be getting too old to play SS.
Eddie McClellan - Exceptional switch hitting lead-off batter, has speed and OBP. 5th in career walks. Toronto re-signed
Lois Henderson – A great glove OF. He hit both lefties and righties, in the mold of a leadoff or #2 hitter.
Napoleon Watters - Strictly power hitting 3B, but good at it.
Buddy Parrish - Good hitting C that has above average PC rating.
Charles Wang - Exceptional speed goes with an above average bat.

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