Friday, February 29, 2008

Legends of Morgan (HOF)

Season 8 will be the inaugural season of the Legends of Morgan; an owner driven version of Morgan's Hall of Fame. Part of the reason behind not naming it the Morgan World HOF is that we will be voting on active players, and if a HOF is ever instituted by WifS it could cause confusion if we had two HOF.

What is being proposed is that a group of Morgan owners commits to voting on players nominated by the league. We would aim to get 75% approval from the Legends/HOF Committee for a player to be accepted.

To nominate a player an owner will post a link to the player and state he is being nominated on the World Chat section. If another owner seconds the nomination the player is then eligible to be voted on by the committee. This process will keep the committee from spending time discussing players that plainly do not belong in the discussion. Seconding a players nomination doesn’t mean that you would definitely vote that player in, but you think he at least deserves to be discussed.

One issue we will be dealing with is players that the world was created and some very good players were in the middle of their careers and will never have career totals that approach a guy that played since he was 23. At the same time we cannot ignore career totals, and being great for one or two seasons does not make a HOF career. At the very least the committee needs to see a 5 season average of what a player did.

- A player can only be nominated once per season.

- A player can be nominated by any owner

- The nominating owner should provide info about the player. Summary of awards, statistical achievements (world top 5 list), average seasons stats for at least a 5 season threshold or more. This is while not required will help the committee.

- There will be an age requirement

- Voting will be done of the league blog by the committee members.

- All Morgan owners are eligible to be on the committee, the requirement being that do your utmost to at least vote on all the players that come up for a vote and you try to be fair with your vote.

The Legends of Morgan/HOF is not completely finalized yet so this list is not law, please feel free to offer up any opinions to the group. Also let me know via trade chat or sitemail if you want to be part of the voting committee.

Finally this is something that is being done to add an interesting element to the game, but everyone has opinions. If you nominate a player realize there could be a discussion about him. Other owners have might have different criteria for what they think deserves induction, people are free to feel certain players don’t deserve induction. And voters please avoid incendiary comments about other owner’s players, use stats or to a lesser extent ratings to backup any views about them not deserving induction.

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