Tuesday, October 28, 2008

S10 Best Pure Hitters

I Ran a quick little analysis on the league. Everything is based on current ratings so this is not based on future predictions and scouting played no part in this.

It was a simple process, ranked every one of the 411 position players by each of their current offensive attributes, and then scored them by where each of their individual rankings fell within the rest of player in the world. No type of ranking formula is perfect, but I actually thought the simplicity of this formula gave good results.

Here is list of the top 20 pure hitters in the World
1 Carlos Johnson
2 Clint Hutton
3 Rafael Cedeno
4 Russell Cook
5 Bonk Linton
6 Chili Olsen
7 Eric Thomas
8 Gerald Bradley
9 Alex Cordero
10 Harry Huff
11 Rusty Jones
12Andres Tarasco
13 Vic Moreno
14 Lawrence Trammell
15 Rudy Griffiths
16 Esteban Montanez
17 Tony Rivera
18 Don Gwynn
19 Homer Monroe
20 Steve Taylor

Just for curiosity sake (and because I have a player on this list) I also listed the 10 absolute worst hitters in the league.

Mitch Alexander
Seth Crawford
Ivan Torres
Reggie Black
Fernando Ordaz
Sam King
Benji Gonzalez
Josh Gilbert
Cory Painter
Corey White

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