Monday, December 1, 2008

League Notes on the Almanac

S4 ROY has already retired (he was 28 when he won the award)

S6 ROY Rickey McCartney is widely considered the worst player to win a major award. While his season was deserving of an award he has never replicated that success.

s7 had our only shared MVP award.

Earl Wilkerson went the longest time between winning two award. Winning the Cy Young in S1 and s7.

S8 and S10 featured Rookie of the Year award winners that also won MVP. Dennis Perez and Clint Hutton.

Joel Coleman and Earl Wilkerson are the only two pitchers to have won an Cy Young in both leagues.

3 players have won two Cy young awards while Leo Mackowiak is the only player to win the Cy Young twice in a row.

ROY By position
pitcher 5
LF 2
1B 6
2b 1
SS 3
RF 1
cf 1
3B 1

Catcher is the only position never to have won ROY.

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