Friday, December 26, 2008

NL West

This prospect report, unfortunately, is going to be brief. One division at a time I will list each team's top five prospects (in my opinion), with A grades for sure thing all stars, B grades for above average guys with a shot at one all star appearence, and a C grade for guys who could be average major leaguers. At the end I will then put together a top 30 list for the whole League. Also, I wont pretend any clarvoyance, or even great concistancy across teams, but hopefully this is something good to look at. And if you trade an all-star, be sure to aim for guys on these lists!

Anaheim Redbirds
Al Valdez 2B/CF AA 21 A
Quentin Rigs 1B HiA 20 A
Javy Bolivar RF AAA 23 B+
Miguel Rijo LF AA 21 B
Brian Winn SP LoA 19 B-

San Diego Devil Dogs
Hooks Jackson SP AAA 21 B+
Fernando Perez 3B AA 20 B
Darren Prior RF AAA 22 B-
Moose Park RF AA 20 C
Kenny Hill CF AA 24 C-

St. Louis Showboats
Clarence Schneider RF AAA 23 B
Rollie Nixon 3B AAA 23 B-
David Mendoza RF AA 21 C
Fred Riley SS AA 23 C
Wesley Piper SP HiA 21 C

Tacoma Express
Stevie Park SS HiA 20 A
Andrew Davis CF AA 23 B
Patrick Champion SP AAA 21 B-
Louis Casillo RP 22 AA C+
Alex Ayala SS 21 AA C

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