Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All About The Rings

53 men have played in the postseason for at least two World Series winners. Of them, five share the record by playing with 3 Series winners: Tim Durbin, Rusty Jones, Will Monroe, Eric Thomas and Earl Wilkerson. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all 5 won all of their championships with Scottsdale/Vancouver.

Durbin, Monroe, and Thomas seek an opportunity to win a 4th ring with Vancouver, while Rusty Jones still has hopes of winning his 4th with the Scottsdale Force.

Also of note: Of the players who won the title with Toronto in Morgan League's inaugural season, one is still chasing a title this season--Boston starter Tom Nickle, who went 3-1 during the playoffs during that first season as a 24 year-old.

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