Friday, January 31, 2014

PreSeason Power Rankings-Season 30

AL Rankings: (Previous finish, team notes, and key players listed)

1.  Richmond-WS Runner up, Won the coveted FA championship with some great signings,  this great team is led by a strong offense.  MVP 3b-Santiago, Future Star LF-Martin, 2b-Scheffler, AS RF-Abercombie, AS SP-Byrne and Gabriel.

2. Phildelphia-Div Champ, Strong Pitching leads a very good young team.  RY SS-Mercedes, 3b-Wallace, Young Aces-Winchester and Pinedea, AS Closer-Rodriquez

3. Indianapolis-AL Runner Up, Strong Pitching leds a very good vet team. AS CF-White, Legend DH-Chen, AS Power LF-Duesning, AS SP-Melo and Toca, SP-Gardner

4. Boise-Div Champ, Strong Pitching leads a very good vet team.  Young Power RF-Aybar, Ace AS Gomez and Lee, Vet SP-Moya

5. Milwaukee-Div Champ, Very balanced team is led by a good offense.  AS 3b-Carson, AS 1b-Navarro, SP-Nieves and Ford, AS closer-Cubillan

6. Vancouver-Top End Talent lead by the returning legend owner.  AS SS-Bollick, Young Power 1b-Howard, Power AS LF-Hukata, Legend SP-DeRojas, Young Closer-Reimold, SP-Gabriel

7. Salem-WC team, Young Playoff team led by very strong pitching. Power 1b-Sanders, Legend SP-Duran, Future CY-Kotchman, SP-Beneitz

8. Dover-Good team led by a very powerful offense which gives the D-Dogs a shot at the playoffs. AS LF-Nathan, AS 1b-Ramsay, AS 1b-Hamilton, AS C-Myers, AS RF-Purcell

9. Texas-Young and upcoming team which will improve as the season goes on. AS CF-Godfrey, AS 2b- Henry, SP-Howell.

10. Washington-Another young and upcoming team with a promising future.  AS SS-Coles, 1b-Jensen, SP-Gallardo

11. San Franisco-Veteran club which in a very tough division.  AS LF-Gentry

12. Syracuse-Rebuilding after a very recent world series apperance. AS closer-Jacquez, RY candidate with great power RF-Bailey

13. Louisville-Starting to grow with a look of being competitive in the near future. AS SS-Nitching, Power DH-Eveland

14. Huntington-Rebuilding with a good veteran owner.  Power DH-Tanner, SP-Bravo

15. Columbus-Rebuilding with a good veteran owner.

16. Kansas City-Rebuilding with a new veteran owner.

PreSeason Playoff Seeds:
1. Richmond
2. Phildelphia
3. Boise
4. Milwaukee
5. Indianapolis
6. Vancouver

Darkhorses: Dover, Salem, Texas and Washington

NL Rankings:

1. Salt Lake-3X Defending Champ with great depth and a great owner.  AS 3b-Randa, Power SS-Camacho, AS RF-Cepeda, 2b-Sanez, AS Ace-Tillman, SP-Gose

2. Scottsdale-NL Runner Up, Very good vet club with a great balanced attack.  AS Star SS-Hutch, AS 2b-Sinclar, Power 3b-Barry, AS SP-Terrero, Villa, and Ohman

3. Toronto-Div Champ, Very good team which is lead by a great balance attack.  C-Kingland, Vet CF-Bulter, AS hitting LF-Jensen, Ace-Kearns, Closer-Aoki, P-DiMaggio

4. Colorado Springs-WC team, Strong ptiching leads a team taking one last run at the title. Power 3b-Duran, AS CF-Hernandez, AS Power LF-Terry, AS SP-Uribe and Phelps

5. Durham-Div Champ, Good team led by a powerful offense. Power SS-Cortez, AS 3b-Ozuna, Power AS C-Redman, Young Power RF-Cabrera, SP-Carey

6. Chicago-Good team on verge of the playoffs led by pitching.  OBP machine RF-Molina, AS-Hollway, ACE-Tatum

7. St Louis-Young team with top end offense talent led by offense. Future Star RF-Hatcher, Young AS CF-Newfield, AS Power C-Houston, AS closer-Ackley

8. Arizona-Very soild team in a very tough division led by offense. AS 2b-Purcell and Hannity. Future Star 2b-Veras, AS SP-Wiltse

9. New Orleans-Upcoming team with good vets with young nucleus. Young Power 1b-Moore, SS-Jackson, Closer-Lui, AS SP-James

10. Santa Fe-Div Champ, Veteran Club led by a good offense.  AS 2b-Guiterrez, 3b-Barden, SP-Matheson

11. Burlington-Improving Team with exciting young pieces on offense.  Young LF-Lopez, Future Star RF-Martinez, AS 3b-Molina, SP-Post

12.Jacksonville-Young and upcoming talent which will improve as the season goes on.  Future Star RF-Fernandez, CF-Arias, Young Power 3b-Maddox, Closer-Peterman

13. Hartford-Young pieces led by a good veteran owner. Future Star CF-Fife, AS 3b-Hernandez

14. Scranton-New ownership adding vets to a young team. Young Power 1b-Stull, Closer-Chapman

15. Toledo-Veteran team with new owner. AS CF-Brinkley, AS 3b-Atchley

16. Atlanta-Improving under 2nd yr owner

PreSeason Playoff Predictions:
1. Salt Lake
2. Toronto
3. Durham
4. St Louis
5. Scottsdale
6. Colorado Springs

Darkhorses: Chicago, New Orleans, Burlington, and Jacksonville

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