Monday, June 2, 2008


AL West

Salem mad monks- ($13.25m/year) In season 5 buckeyejeff hired no one to scout players internationally, whereas in Season 8 he poured 12 million into this endeavor. Never a big time player on this scene, he’s still landed a smattering of players with shots at playing a role on the ML club at some point. Benny Garces is by far the best signee, and should contribute in the bullpen. Beyond him is just average talent like Fausto Gutierrez and Yorvit Escobar. Salem has 1 int’l on the ML roster, and a D grade.

Scottsdale Snowbirds- ($24.5m/year) This franchise, back in season 2, signed Placido Gil at the ripe age of 13. They learned from this, and would later sign Karim Feliz in Season 8 for $17 million, who should turn out to be a super-reliever at the ML level; if he throws less than 162 innings, he will have been under-utilized. After him, there are a whole lot of okay players, but no one possessing any eye-popping tools, such as Vicente Cabrera, Carlos Johnson, and Julio Polanco. This team also has only one international on the big leagues squad, and a grade here of C+.

Vancouver Shrugging Atlases- ($27m/year) I hate to say it, but once again TheJester74 has done a great job. His pick ups here include two defensive short stops, Rigo Vizcaino and Guillermo Roque, an offensive catcher Trenidad Macias, and a good bull pen arm Pedro Figureoa. And while Vic Solano wont make this team despite a $9.5 million bonus, Orlando Martin and his $12.3 million bonus were instrumental in acquiring Hersh Knight. 2 internationals on the current Vancouver roster, and a grade of A-.

Salt Lake City Air Force- ($15.75m/year) Before willcatfan’s arrival this franchise signed Rafael Cedeno in season 2, our world’s first big time, ML ready signee. Since then, there has been a steady flow of quality talent with defensive SS Quilvio Molina, and the very solid Harry Gonzales. Moreover, he signed pitchers Javier Ugueto and Louie Posada, who were subsequently sent to Boise in trades for ML ready bats. This team garnishes an A- grade as well, having 5 internationals on the current big league roster.

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