Friday, June 6, 2008

Last one (sorry it took so long)

NL West

Colorado Creampuffs- ($18.75m/year) This franchise’s only two international signings in the previous five seasons were Pascual Espinosa and William Hukata. Here’s to warswics turning things around, assuming he wants to invest in this area. Colorado has two international prospects on the current roster, and a grade of F.

Anaheim Redbirds- ($9.5m/year) Since taking over, hopkinsheel has reduced the international budget to zero and lowered his prospect budget to the minimum, instead focusing on training and scouting for the amateur draft. Still, before his arrival, there were two notable signings. In season 6 the franchise landed Antonio Nakamura, who has great velocity, and in season 5 signed Al Rivera, who will be a good case study in investigating the importance of pitch ratings. This team also has two international on the ML club, and a C+ grade.

Las Vegas Gamblers- ($14.25m/year) robbie04, despite never spending a whole lot on int’l scouting, has signed a remarkable seventeen total internationals in the past four seasons, but none for more than $2.5 million. Most noteworthy are Hawk Swann, Willie Mercedes, and Emil Julio, and Octavio Guevara, and despite this depth the impact at the ML level wont be great. This team also has two internationals on the ML team, and a grade here of C-.

Arizona Scottsdale- ($24.75m/year) Season 4 was wonderin32’s biggest season on the IFA market, and since then he has only signed 4 players, all of whom are decent, but not all of whom one would expect to make the Bigs. The best asset acquired is David Mendoza’s bat, but by Doug Connelly’s standards it is meek. William Hayashiand Javier Paniagua are both pitchers who are maybes for the majors, but I expect Hayashi to work out as a back of the rotation starter. Last, Luis Sanchez has an okay bat, but lacks the tools necessary to make him more than a bench player. This team merits a C+ grade, and currently has five IFAs on the big league roster.

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