Friday, January 2, 2009

NL North

Augusta Mainiacs
Davy Duran CF AA 24 B-
Juan James SP AA 20 B-
Trevor Browne SP AAA 23 C+
Sammy Blasco SS AAA 21 C
Piper Cornelius RF AA 21 C

Boise Falcons
Curtis Shumaker 2B AAA 21 A+
Juan Santiago CF HiA 20 A
Everett Winston RP HiA 23 B
Tony Humphries 1B LoA 21 B
Orlando Candelaria LF AAA 21 C+

Cleveland Cleveland Stormtroopers
Daryl Simms 2B LoA 20 B-
Pepper Buchanan LF LoA 19 C+
Felix Maxwell RF LoA 19 C
Pedro Zapata RF AAA 22 C
Delanor Wagner CF AAA 24 C

Toronto Storks
Jimmie Astacio RP AA 21 A
Jimmie Gabriel SP AAA 23 B
Ramon Martin RF AAA 22 B-
Pascual Barrios SS HiA 22 C+
Angel House SP AA 22 C+
*I want to note that with Astacio, he could throw 60-90 innings as a shut down closer, but why not use him in long relief so that he can rack up 150-200 innings? Throwing potentially three times as many innings greatly increases his value, in my opinion.

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