Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top 32 Prospects

Ordering these players was quite difficult. I do feel like the top 5 are the best five, even if not in that order. The pitchers on this list look more impressive then the hitters, perhaps because we throw hitters into the ML fire more quickly then we are willing to with pitching prospects. The list is biased based on what I think makes a player successful in this game (as compared with Major League Baseball, defense seems to me to be less important) and my perception of what positions are at a premium (ie. catcher). It was also challenging to remain mindful of stamina, durability, and health, which left some more talented players lower than they would have been ranked otherwise. The list is 32 long because there are 32 teams, and I like the symmetry of it. It also seems worth mentioning that, with the exception of one player, these are not players who are up in the ML yet. If this list were expanded to those prospects who are currently playing their rookie seasons, there would be at least 8 high-ranking additions to this list (for example, Alex Lee)

1. Jesse Richardson Florida Pheonix
2. Curtis Shumaker Boise Falcons
3. Cookie Beltre Vancouver Shrugging Atlases
4. Russell Martin Chicago Curse
5. Galahad Mercker Chicago Curse
6. Polin James Charlotte Cutters
7. Marc Bunning Scottsdale Force
8. Jimmie Astacio Toronto Storks
9. Jermaine Knepper Nashville Hound Dogs
10. Stevie Park Tacoma Express
11. Tim Cook Nashville Hound Dogs
12. Al Valdez Anaheim Redbirds
13. Ron Conti Texas Black Socks
14. Charlie Towers Boston Blood Sox
15. Andrea Eiland Charlotte Cutters
16. Todd Russell Richmond Hicks (Just got promoted)
17. Edwin McGowan Dover Gophers
18. Davey Galarraga Helena Brewers
19. Juan Santiago Boise Falcons
20. Yuniesky Espinoza Vancouver Shrugging Atlases
21. David Cooper Milwaukee Gurus
22. Albert Sellers Richmond Hicks
23. Matthew Carter Atlanta Braves
24. Quentin Riggs Anaheim Redbirds
25. Neil Meadows New York Mugger Funk
26. Hector Bonilla Helena Brewers
27. Brett Bell Dover Gophers
28. William Satou Memphis Elvi
29. Orber Pulido Florida Pheonix
30.Christopher Brewington Charlotte Cutters
31.Harold Diaz Charlotte Cutters
32. Cal Robertson Austin Wranglers

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