Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fifth Installment

First, an announcement. At the end of this we will be putting out a top 30 prospect list. If anyone would like to contribute to that list, please submit your own top 30 to me (milbredhawk) through trade chat or sitemail by 1/7 at 9 PM, and then I'll publish the final list on 1/8.

NL North

Cincinnati Reds- Looking at the Red’s budget indicates a focus on finding the top prospects available over the past few seasons, but unfortunately the ML club has played well enough to prevent Cincinnati from getting any top five picks. There are a lot of nice pitchers with some control problems here, and only 5 of 14 first round picks are still in the Cincinnati organization. Trying not to be biased, I’ll give a B for depth and a B- for impact.

Leo Allen AAA 1B A Not a big time slugger, but will have a great OBP w/ some power
Alex Maranon AAA 2B B+ Nice range, good l/r splits, projects to a 100 bunt rating
Cesar Gonzalez AAA 3B B plays outstanding defense, OPS over .850 in the minors
Alex Barcello AA SS B flawless defense at short, but a zero rating against lefty pitching
Lonny Andrews AAA SP B A workhouse who’s unique mix of ratings could amount to an ERA anywhere between 3.75 and 5.00

Cleveland Cleveland Stormtroopers- (done by TheJester74, and I edited it down a bit) A number of major league prospects in their minors, I saw another 4-6 that should be quality contributors that didn't make the list. It seems clear that they pay attention to makeup and health in the guys they draft, and they also have not traded away many prospects. While they are lacking that sure thing HOF talent in the minors, that seems to be more a product of some of their best young talent already being in the majors. (Me- An A for depth and a B for impact)

Bartolo Pichardo HiA SP B+ A tweener pitcher, but will be fine when on the mound
Hughie Kane HiA SS B+ Crushes LH pitching, good ratings in makeup, health, stamina
Jerry Montgomery AAA SP B His L/R splits are just slightly above average, but he has 4 highly rated pitches
Eduardo Suarez AAA 2B B Projects to COF, hits for a high average and drives in runs
Russell Justice AAA RF B Won't hit for average, should put up 45+ HRs and 110RBIs

Toronto Storks- Don’t forget that Barjaz won the first World Series in Morgan. However, the Storks have not made the playoffs since season 2. This team rarely trades its prospects, and despite not spending the most on the various types of scouting, they have made the most of every first round pick. It should be noted, however, that they lack minor league pitching, both starters and relievers. With three strong RF prospects, it makes sense for them to move some position talent for pitching. They earn a B for depth and a B+ for impact.

Phil Wathan LoA SS A Provides offense at a position that he can hold down defensively
Rafael Prieto AA RF A- Owns lefties, will be a great third base coach in thirty seasons
JP Isringhausen HiA RF B+ Nice power, should have a sufficient OPS for a COF
Charlie Shiell AAA RF B Will hit for a nice average, great arm for an outfielder
Dick Pressley HiA C B Good combo of hitting a defense, but poor stamina and health

St. Louis Melon Farmers- Take quick glance at the Farmers', umm, farm system, and you find seven or so nice hitting prospects, four of whom will make this team defensively solid. jdbkaput’s task now is to find young pitching while maintaining the veteran pitching already on the ML level, an aging group of veterans mostly signed through free agency. Without any B level pitching prospects, a B for depth seems fair, and an A for impact.

Dan Smith AAA SS A Could play a gold glove 3B while batting in a clean up spot, he was the first overall pick in the season 4 draft
Rex Key AAA CF A- Rangy, will bat first or second and score 170+ runs in the future
Carson Sellers AA 2B A- A great bat, he hasn’t fielded his position well in the minors
Eduardo Merced HiA SS B+ a fine defensive SS who wields an above average bat
Stan McNamara AAA LF B+ look for him to be a big time slugger in Morgan

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