Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sixth Installment

AL East

Washington D.C. War Criminals- After winning the East for the first three seasons of Morgan, including two trips to the World Series including one Championship, the War Criminals have been passed by New York, finishing second three straight seasons. This is an organization that always spends an average amount on scouting, with an extra allotment to their prospect budget. Without ever having had any top 20 draft picks, this organization lacks top end talent. A C+ for depth and a C- for impact.

Jimmie Lee HiA SS B+ Great defender, eye, but should only play against lefty pitching
Nick Simms AA 2B B Ideal defense for 2B, below average bat but can hit lefties well
Chad Harang LoA RP B- Should be okay, stats suggest he can out-pitch his ratings
Kirk Towers HiA SP B- Has four plus pitches, but his splits are worrisome
Damaso Lima HiA C B- Only an average pitch caller, his splits are good enough for ML

Indianapolis Hoosierdaddies- Rafael Alicia has just graduated to the ML club, and will be that teams star player and leader for years to come. And don’t sleep on Justin Davis, who should be joining the rotation soon, and will be there for years to come. A team that has struggled before being taken over by basketmoney, they have gotten draft picks that are well on their way towards helping the ML club overtake the traditional powers in the East. So, a B for depth and a A for impact.

Rick Potvin HiA 2B A Bad defense at second, but a perfect eye, could be a 25/25 guy
Dan Cortes AA SP A- Four plus pitches, won’t dominate, but will be plenty solid
Victor Valdes AAA 2B A- Can hit for average, and has enough speed to bat lead off
David Seaver AAA C B+ Provides a good, inexpensive option at DH going forward
Joaquin Pascual AAA SP B A poor man’s number four starter

New York Mugger Funk- With guys like Esteban Montanez and Alex Cordero already up at the ML level, New York has no need for any big time hitters in this year’s draft, so look for them to shift their focus to pitching prospects. Oh wait, they’ve got two good ones in AAA. To be honest, this team has a wealth of young talent on the ML/AAA levels, and they’ve already won a title, so lets all just hope they don’t hit any homeruns with late first round draft picks. An B for depth, and a B+ for impact.

Del Mercedes AAA SP A A 100 rated fastball despite 24 velocity? Stats are impressive.
Cliff Hogan AAA SP A- Nice splits, control, 2 great pitches, gb/fb not quite there though
John Simmons AAA C B+ Impeccable pitch calling, but may only play against righties
Bob Winchester HiA 3B B- Needs to move to COF, nice splits but nothing amazing
Ellis Campbell HiA LF B- Awkward, a LF with an average bat, nice speed, and defense

Florida Phoenix- Chazzzzzz (6 z’s, get it right people) took over a two win team, that has never done better than a .420 winning percentage and has finished fourth in the East all six seasons. That won’t change this year, but what is changing is the organizations hope going forward. With four strong teams ahead of them, the Phoenix will struggle will struggle to rise again (corny, I know). But the old contracts are almost expired, and then money can really be put towards finding and developing contracts. For now, an B- for depth and an A for impact.

Clint Hutton AAA 3B A Could win a few MVP's, his defense may not hold up at 3B
Jeffrey Donovan AA SS A Here’s the future 3B, whose splits are very impressive
Shane Hale LoA SP B+ A workhorse with pinpoint control, not good enough against righties to merit elite status
Marty Foster AA LF B An above average bat, but better options are out there for LF
Dean Ryan AA CF B A good enough hitter, but he isn’t exactly a great defender

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