Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Final Installment

Okay, just a reminder if anyone wants to have input on the top 30 list, send me your list by 1/7 at 9PM through sitemail or trade chat. Second, one thing I have not included while putting these lists together, but something worth looking at, is that under franchise rankings if you select status info you can view the number of draft picks and international prospects currently on a team's roster, which is a good way to see how well a team scouts and develops.

AL West

Salem Mad Monks- This organization is the original third horse in a two horse race, or something like that, as this franchise finished third in the AL South every season except for last, when they finally stepped into second. They have some young talent and a few more guys on the way. This team has never had a presence on the international market, but most of their top draft picks are still in the system. But this team is devoid of young pitching talent, and as such, a C for depth and a B- for impact.

Archie Gaetti AAA 3B A Fantastic slugger who plays great defense on the hot corner
Albert Fernandez HiA CF A- Good defense, speed, may struggle with righty pitching
Hunter McCartney AAA C B Average bat, good defense, look for him to be traded
Max Lima AAA 1B B should hit 40+ HRs each year with an OPS around .800, but an injury risk
Larry Knowles HiA 2B B- Great range, speed, and hits lefty pitching plenty well

Scottsdale Mad Jesters- In one of the best turnarounds in Morgan history, TheJester74 took a 37 win team to 100 wins in one season’s time. Afterwards, he won back to back World Series titles, and continues to have one of Morgan’s best rosters and best farm systems. It’s been done through making more trades than most owners even contemplate, recycling incredibly talented players in their prime for equal talent and somehow having everything work out. Could say more, but for now, an A- for depth and an A for impact.

Hersh Knight HiA SP A+ With his gb/fb rating, I believe he is the second best minor leaguer in Morgan, could use some extra stamina
Ken Lawson AAA SP A- Wears ugly glasses, not an ace against lefties, great gb/fb
Andres Arroyo AAA Cl A- With his pitch ratings and stats, he just misses an A rating
Al Calvo LoA 2B A- Great eye, plays good defense, could keep an OBP around .400
Douglas Knotts AAA 1B B+ A unique combo of speed and power, could be a 30/30 guy

Sacramento Air Force- Way back in season 2 hshack had Albuquerque looking scary good, but things never panned out and he left in season 4. Since then, willcatfan has taken over, and proved to be an able owner, getting to the World Series in season 5. While the ML club missed the playoffs last season, the Air Force is once again flying high in a very tough AL West (hooray puns). This organization has never poured a lot of money into scouting and prospects, but they did get Rafael Cedeno, and currently they merit a B- for depth and an A for impact. (Also they’ve added JP Anderson, but he’s at the big league level?)

Russell Cook AAA DH A Textbook DH, hits for power and average, but atrocious on the base pad
Horacio Rosario AAA SP B+ terrible stamina, but otherwise pretty good all around
Louie Posada HiA RP B+ Below average second pitch, stats in the minors are alarming
Esteban Valdes HiA 2B B+ Great contact and speed for a lead off hitter, nice range at 2B
Alan Baker HiA 2B B- Above average bat, below average defense

Colorado Funky Back Beats- For the good of all of Morgan, lets hope beamer88 sticks with it, as this team is in a tough division and could really use a consistent long term plan. Playing in Colorado, this team will be best served by finding guys with big time power and pitchers who can strike guys out, and the unfortunate news is they’ve not got any in the system. Fortunately, beamer88 is spending in the right places for a rebuilding effort, and soon turnover will take away veterans who don’t fit in with the long term plan. For now, a C- for depth and a C for impact.

Carlos Ibarra HiA SP A Has a ton of potential, but only has two plus pitches
Dennis Lee AAA CF B Only projects to a 69 ovr rating according to my scouts, but I see him holding down center for 6 seasons
Alex Long HiA RF B Good contact, good against lefties, good speed, great range
James Duvall AAA SP C+ his splits and pitch ratings simply aren’t good enough, and he lacks stamina
Julio Polanco AAA 2B C an average hitter and below average defensively at 2B

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