Friday, January 4, 2008

Seventh Installment

NL South

Atlanta Braves- joemac55 won his title in Season 5, is a seven season owner, and looks to have solid footing going forward. This is largely because, since season two, Atlanta has been one of the top spenders on international free agents. Guys on this prospect list, as well as names like Al Alomar and Jose Cordero, were all purchased at reasonable prices on the international market, allowing a winning organization to continue to add high end talent, and so a B+ for depth and an A- for impact

Alex Rivas HiA SS A Gold Glove defense at short with a decent amount of pop in his bat
Richie Mullen AA SP A- Impressive control, splits, pitches, only lacks a starter’s stamina
Jose Nieves AAA RP B+ A flame thrower with nice stats but may give up the long ball, also will pick runners off
George Blowers AAA SS B Good enough splits to hit well, won’t last as a SS
Ivan Gonzales AA 3B B Slightly above average bat, but a great defensive 3B

Monterrey Habaneros- A quick look at the Habaneros ML roster makes their struggles record-wise perplexing, but despite a great group of position players, they lack any kind of pitching at the ML level. It doesn’t look like the situation is going to improve any time soon, as Monterrey has no big time pitchers coming up through the works. That highly talented infield is about to get crowded as more prospects arrive, but without that help on the mound, the organization earns a B for depth and a B+ for impact.

Cesar Park AA 2B A An elite hitter with great stats, could use a move to COF
Tomas Guerrero HiA SS B+ Can hold down SS defensively, and has great minor league stats
Ronald Jones LoA 2B B+ Great range for 2B or CF, and can really hit lefties
Greg Duran AAA 2B B Will hit for a nice average, handles righties well, maybe move to RF
Bob McElroy LoA Cl B Should be a fine relief pitcher, may struggle against righties

Austin Wranglers- chrispy is another owner who has been here since Season 1. With a payroll always above 100 million, Austin has never found itself in an all out rebuilding mode, but a look at their season records over the last few seasons suggest that perhaps that time is coming. Their minor league system has a nice stable of arms, and while there are no big bats, there are at least enough guys to fill holes that might arise. Plus, they have Alex Pujols, so B for depth and a B for impact.

Gregory Jefferies AAA Cl A Enough stamina to give closer caliber pitching in long relief
Warren Boehringer AA SP B+ L/R Splits aren’t stellar, but he’s a workhorse
Randy Harris AA Cl B+ Textbook ratings of a closer if he pans out to projections
Vasco Cruz AA SP B The kind of pitcher who could no-hit the Atlanta Braves
Clarence Schneider HiA 2B B Should be able to hit .300, not enough defense to stay at 2nd

Houston Texans- After taking a step backwards in season 6, this team is a legitimate contender to take the NL South this time around. Financially, this team is average in its payroll and scouting, and this season they’ve poured 20 million into their prospect budget. This team has done a great job with making the most of their first round picks, and if that trend continues, look for them to begin and maintain playoff runs for seasons to come. Seeing as they have no CF’s, at all, they earn a C for depth and a B- for impact.

Matty Martinez HiA SP A- A good pitcher, but lacks the stamina, durability of starters
Brian Jung LoA Cl A- If his L/R splits were a little higher… Phenominal stats
Billy Reese AAA RF B Hits righties well, has some speed, and plays good defense
Miguel Santos AAA 2B B A plus defender who should maintain a decent OBP
Kevin Mitchell AA SP B- Very inconsistent, but anytime you find a superlative rating (projects to 100 control), it merits a shot at the Bigs

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