Wednesday, May 23, 2007

20 Minor Leaguers that could make a splash in 5

Here are 20 Minor Leaguers that you could find at the big league level in season 5. The factors for making the list is that they are in the AAA or AA, less than 26 years old, and have developed far enough to make it to the majors in Season 5.

Position Players

Rafael AliceaNew Britain - A true 5 tool player, does everything well. Comparable to Alfonso Soriano except Alicea has a better glove.

Don MelhuseSalt Lake City - Great L/R splits and good defense. His high OBP and speed mean he projects to be a very good lead off or #2 type hitter.

Ted Griffiths – LA - Will be an All-Star, has plenty of power and a good batting eye. Defense not good enough to stay at 2B.

Luke PaulsonLouisville - Great power numbers and will hit for a decent average. Defense is just average, might end up being a good RF.

Brian RandolfWashington -A 2B with very good power rating and decent OBP.

Wes DaviesOklahoma - Great CF that is a terror on the basepaths. Still has power and can drive the ball. Compares to a pre-steroids Barry Bonds.

Felipe EspinosaColorado - All round good player with no major flaws.

Sticky Torres – Hartford – His vR and BE ratings to go along with his speed mean he will be a great lead off hitter for the Harpoons for many years.

Felipe SantiagoAtlanta – Great L/R splits, his offensive number could look very much like Victor Martinez.

Harry RoqueScottsdale – Has Jim Thome like ability with his Power and ability to crush both Left and Right handed pitchers

Jesse GraceToronto – An OF that can dominate RH pitchers and has the power to get 35-45 HRs a year.


Pascual Melendez – Washington – A great pitcher with all the ratings of an all-star. His flaw is that his Sta and Dur ratings mean his career 5 innings per start in the minors won’t improve much in the majors.

Dean CookeChicago – A Star in the making, didn’t make the most of his call-up in season 4, but should do better next season.

Rocky Duvall Chicago The Knights have another future Ace in this pitcher. Similar to a Curt Schilling type player in that he can dominate, but has propensity to give up the long ball.

Desi Hutch – Tx – Has great splits which translate well to being a good SP, but his Sta and Dur means he might have to spend some time as a very good LRA.

Rico BravoArizona – Equally effective against left and right handed batters, Has the stamina to go deep into games, but with three pitches and only two of them above average might end up as a very effective closer.

Jake PostMilwaukee – A fine pitcher that won’t set the league on fire, but should have a very effective career with his control and vR ratings.

Willie Pena – Cleveland - A special pitcher that will be an All-Star. He would be best served developing fully in the minors, but would not embarrass his team if he was brought up now.

RJ BautistaLouisville – An all-star closer in the making. Has great stuff an can dominate both LH and RH batters. Has a tendency to give up HRs.

AJ CrosbyRichmond – A solid closer that could be very effective if he can get his control rating up.

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