Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Top 5 Draft Picks (Year 1)

1. Austin Wranglers – Vicente Garza (SS)
Vicente was the very first pick of the very first draft of Morgan world. He is currently sitting in AA with career minor league numbers of .295/.379/.501 having stolen 78 bases while being caught 51 times. His career fielding percentage as a SS is .898. His ratings indicate that given proper time to develop he will be a very solid defensive SS and a pretty good leadoff hitter with some pop.
2. New York Real Kosher Deli – Lenny Affeldt (P)
Lenny is in the majors with the Milwaukee Gurus. He finished his second major league season with 4.71 ERA in 206.1 IP, striking out 148 while walking 65. His record was 10-15. His career major league numbers are 4.81 ERA in 372.0 IP, striking out 268, walking 119 and a record of 21-26 in 2 major league seasons. He was traded to Milwaukee from Louisville (successor to New York) as part of a deal that saw Josh Wagner and Daniel Durham go with him to Milwaukee in exchange for Brian Maeda and Robin Sullivan. Lenny has the very real possibility of developing into a top-notch starter for Milwaukee.
3. St. Louis Destroyers – Ken Jeffries (SS)
Ken is in the majors with the Gurus. He just finished up his second full major league season. He was drafted as a SS but has spent most of his major league career as a CF. His second season in the majors saw stat lines of .283/.367/.471…down a little from his rookie season. His RBI total increased from 85 to 119 while he also increased his walks from 42 to 78. He definitely has the talent to develop into a very, very good middle of the order hitter.
4. Chicago Knights – Walt Hayes (P)
It appears as if he was not signed by the Knights.
5. Memphis Elvi – Glenn Kubenka (2B)
Glenn wrapped up his second full major league season by putting up some good numbers. .307/.372/.576 with 34 HRs, 114 RBI, and 48 doubles. He was tied for 9th in the majors in doubles. A fielding percentage of .977 rounds out his season. He’ll be a solid middle of the order batter for the Elvi while contributing to some strong middle defense.

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