Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Season 5 Potential free agents

Here is a list of the top 30 rated potential free agents. This list does not include players with option years and could change if the owners resign the players

Starting Pitchers - There are more high end SPs available this year than in the previous seasons.

Eric Monroe - Arguably the best FA pitcher available, only 31 and no major flaws.
Matt Charles - Among the best pitchers in the league before injury. Still can pitch, but stamina took a hit after his season 3 injury and can't go 9 innings every 4 days anymore.
Terrence Davis - One of the league's best SP, but age is starting to show. Career leader in Wins.
BC Sierra - Tough season 4, but season 3 he was 17-8 2.75. Career leader in WHIP. Older but still can pitch.
Donald Nakajima - Only 32 and has a 56-24 4.21 career numbers.
Hector Romero - Control is a major problem, but best L/R splits in the league. Only pitcher that can overcome that poor control. Can dominate in pitchers park. Career K leader.
Vic Green - Will save your bullpen with his stamina, last 2 seasons sub 4.00 ERA
Flip Lawrence - Might have one last season in him, but could be a back of the rotation SP.

Relief Pitchers - Some good players, but RPs can be a hit or miss signing

Dwight Marshall - one of the league's best setup men, dur means he can pitch every other day
Alvin Mills - a Closer that can be very good, has 3 "plus" pitches.
Chris Santangelo - His season 3 stats were some of the leagues best ever, career leader in Saves.
Joel Fox - Alternates good and bad years - season 5 should be good.
Daniel Malone - Top 5 career saves leader, but heading towards the end of his career.
Phillip Redmond - Good rating but has played for some bad teams, GB/FB ratio suited for pitchers park
Garret Judd - Has SP ratings, but was a horrible SP. Put up very nice closer stats.

Position Players - There is some depth, but not a lot of star power in this group.

Preston Riggs - Has superior power, speed, and obp. The #1 FA hitter.
Greg Mathews - Tremendous Power hitting C.
Augie Dunston - Good OF with a high OBP. 2nd in career walks.
Kyle Carroll - #3 on career list for SB, good BE and vR ratings.
Hong-Jin Ramirez - Great L/R splits, career .897 OPS.
Barry Durocher - #2 Career OBP for the league. Perfect for hitting second in a lineup.
Kris Jenkins - Well rounded player, could compliment any lineup.
Bob Widger - Superior defensive SS that can hit righties.
Steve Thomas - A powerful bat and only 27 years old.
Ryan Toombs - Great fielding SS - 3rd in career SS fielding %.
Louie Palacios - Great hitter, but might be getting too old to play SS.
Eddie McClellan - Exceptional switch hitting lead-off batter, has speed and OBP. 5th in career walks.
Napoleon Watters - Strictly power hitting 3B, but good at it.
Buddy Parrish - Good hitting C that has above average PC rating.
Charles Wang - Exceptional speed goes with an above average bat.

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