Tuesday, May 29, 2007

AL North Team Notes

Minnesota Sots 94 -68

Best Players – Alan O’Malley, Carl Cochran, Victor Romano, Fred Baxtor

Team Rankings Season 4: Offense 6th Pitching 10th Fielding 11th

Team Notes– O’Malley is the best player on this team, but the heart of the team is found Carl Cochran. An all-round great player Cochran led the team in HR, RBI, and is a threat to steal. Then there is Fred Baxter who is a young SP that looks to anchor this team for a while. Season 3 first round draft pick Jimmy Wilkerson could see some action in the majors next season. Minnesota has a history of contending – never having less than 94 wins in a season, but it will be hard to win a division with Chicago in it.

Team Chicago Knight 111-51

Best Players – George Spence, Ralph Witt, Ted Rivera, Neifi Santayna

Team Rankings Season 4: Offense 3rd, Pitching 1st, Fielding 16th

Team Notes – One of the AL powerhouse teams. Their offense built around Spence, Witt, and Santayna. The GM knows how to build a ML staff which is lead by former CY winner Ted Rivera, and quality players surround him. This team is built on doing everything well. They have some good talent in the minors, like Dean Cooke, Rocky Duvall, and Karl Simmons, but they haven’t had great success getting draft picks to the majors leagues yet.

Milwaukee Gurus 72-90

Best Players – Sam Davey, Lenny Affledt, Ken Jefferies

Team Rankings – 21st offense, 23rd pitching, 25th fielding

Team notes - Milwaukee is an up and coming team, even made a mid-season surge that kept them in the playoff hunt for a bit. They have saved their money and built around prospects. That has given two of the top three draft picks from season one, both are in the Majors (SS Ken Jefferies, SP Lenny Affledt) and should do well. Their minors are stocked with numerous high end pitching prospects like Brent McCullum ,Fred Hollins, and Torey Kroeger. Because of their responsible spending next year they can hit the FA market hard and make a run for it, or wait for the young guys to develop one more year and spend that money of further enhancing their minor league system.

Philadelphia Revolvers – 62-100

Best Players – Gerald Thomas, Achilles McMurtry

Team Rankings – 18th Offense, 27th Pitching, 17th Fielding

Philadelphia will have a challenge next year. It’s a team searching for an identity after three owners in four years. They do have some nice talent in the minors; Lawrence Trammel in AA is almost a certain all-star OF, he is an excellent all round hitter. Socks McIntyre is another fine OF prospect. Iago Prince and Stretch Bush are two more first round draft picks that should make good ML infielders. This is a project team that will need an overhaul, but has quality talent in the minors that has not been tarnished.

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