Friday, May 25, 2007

World Series Preview (Season 4)

Scottsdale Mad Jesters (121-41) vs. Hartford Harpoons (97-65)
Scottsdale Mad Jesters, led by TheJester74, take a 7-4 playoff record into a World Series which sees them attempting to repeat as World Champions after a 4-1 World Series victory in Season 3. Standing in their way, from the National League, are the Hartford Harpoons (7-4 playoff record), led by ChoneFiggins. This is the first World Series appearance for the Hartford franchise, one of the inaugural teams of Morgan world. The Mad Jesters are looking to become the first team to repeat World Series champions in the history of Morgan world.

Scottsdale was an offensive behemoth in the regular season, leading the Majors in runs scored, home runs (by an astounding 83), RBI, batting average, OBP, SLG, OPS and walks. Scottsdale put up an average of 8.1 runs per game while striking fear into the opposition. Scottsdale had 9 players hit 25 or more home runs over the course of the regular season. They were led, in part, by MVP finalist Rusty Jones (.357 avg./56HR/151RBI/176R). Darrel Perez, Tim Smith, Eric Thomas, Alex Shibata, Tim Durbin, and Alex Green all contributed more than 121 RBI each. Shibata (.400/4/12/9) and Forbes (.469/3/7/7) are leading the charge this postseason. Let's not discount their pitching though, as the Mad Jesters were tied for fourth in ERA, 7th in K's, while maintaining a WHIP of 1.32, good enough for 5th place in the league. Leading the pitching charge are 3 finalists for the Cy Young (These 3 also logged positions 1, 2, & 9 in IP). Joel Coleman (3.62ERA/1.28 WHIP/23-6/246.0IP/.265OAV/184K), former Red Earl Wilkerson (3.92/1.25/20-10/241.1/.249/172), and Vitas Sobkowiak (4.01/1.34/20-4/222.0/.265/148) led the pitching charge while Will Monroe saved 29 of 32. The Mad Jesters were 5th in the majors in fielding percentage and were led by gold glovers Alex Shibata (1B) and Willie Sikorski (2B). SS Darrel Perez (.975 Fldg %) also contributed to strong defense.

Hartford was a solid offensive team as well averaging 6.8 runs per game, ranking 8th in runs scored, 4th in HRs, 8th in batting average, 4th in OBP, 8th in SLG, and 6th in OPS. Leading the charge were MVP candidates Carlos Johnson (.357/61/146/154) and Willie Hawkins (.321/67/176/117) as well as Robert Black (.278/43/150/127). Hartford had 9 players hit 17 or more HRs. The number 12 team in the majors in pitching was led by Cy Young finalist Andres Terrero (3.19/1.30/16-6/206.0/.255/140). The number 1 fielding team in the majors only has one Gold Glover, 3B/SS Robert Black (.970 3B/.976 SS). In the post-season, the Harpoons have been powered by Johnson (.410/7/18/14), Black (.378/4/11/11), and Willie Hawkins (.364/5/12/10) and the pitching of Catfish Allen (2.37/1.11/1-1/19.0/.214/7), Andres Terrero (3.15/1.25/2-0/20.0/.240/13), and Charlie Gwynn (3.57/1.30/2-1/17.2/.290/6).

There you have it...the Season 4 World Series Preview. This writer predicts a very enjoyable series, and Scottsdale coming out on top in 7 games.

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