Monday, May 28, 2007

Season 1 (Picks 6-20)

6. Las Vegas Gamblers – Matty Mendez (P) (Season 3 trade to Scottsdale)
Split time between AA & AAA posting a 4.92 ERA in 10 starts in AAA. He should be ready to contribute to halfway through season 5 and if not then, definitely season 6. A definite future number 2 starter.

7. Monterrey Jacks – Ramiro Iglesias (SS)
Did not sign.

8. New Orleans Zephyrs – Armando Manuel (P) (Texas Black Socks)
Armando has started 94 games in the minors, none above AA. A 3.96 ERA and a 35-22 record for his career. Has the stuff to be a solid number 2 if given proper time to develop. Looks to be ready sometime in season 5.

9. Scranton pennypinchers – Kent Branson (P) (Cleveland Cleveland Stormtroopers)
Career numbers of 3.38 ERA with 363 Ks, and 211 BBs. Has not made it above AA. His ratings indicate that he could be a high walk, high strikeout pitcher best suited to number 3 or 4 spot in the rotation. Season 5 contributor, possibly.

10. Cincinnati Reds – Benji Marichal (P) (Season 4 trade to Atlanta)
Minor league ERA of 4.71 in 466 IP with 374 Ks. With potential stamina in the 70s but high control, high velocity, and two very good pitches, he could be anywhere from a very good #2 or #3 starter to a potentially great closer. Should be contributing in season 5.

11. Trenton Titans – Corky Chace (P)
Did not sign.

12. Charlotte Crusaders – Chili Olsen (LF) (Houston Texans)
Made his debut in the majors in season 3 hitting .354 with 15 HRs, 51 RBI in 65 games. Season 4 was his first full major league season and he hit .293 with 13 HRs, 65 RBI in 144 games (536 AB). He walks more than he strikes out. Should be a solid fixture at the number 2 spot in the batting order in the future.

13. Texas Trouts – Chili Ashley (CF) (San Juan Expos)
Played in 13 games for San Juan batting .306 and knocking in 5 in limited action. At 21 years old he could be a fixture at the top of the San Juan order for years to come. Great contact and bunting ratings as well as very good range and a good glove and you have a potential all-star on your hands here.

14. Seattle Slappers – Angel Colon (2B)
Did not sign.

15. Nashville Sounds – Pedro Mesa (CF) (Sante Fe Locomotive)
Batted .314 in 441 minor league games. Spent entirety of season 4 in AAA for the Sante Fe organization. Could be ready to contribute in season 5 as a #5 hitter who holds down the center field fort defensively.

16. Buffalo HotWings – Billy Ray Jensen (CF) (Richmond Redbirds)
In his first full major league season he did not do too well. Batted .223 with 9 HRs and 39 RBI in limited action (157 AB in 111 G). He could be a very solid contributor for the next couple seasons in Richmond’s outfield. Not great at anything, just solid across the board.

17. Hartford Harpoons – Rick Balboa (P)
1 season, 1 level has been this pitcher’s experience. 4.34 ERA in 102 minor league games and a K-to-BB ratio of 2.9. Good control, good velocity, 2 good-to-great pitches, solid stamina. He could develop into a solid #2 starter or could be a closer.

18. Albuquerque Flash – Josh Burke (SS)
Did not sign.

19. Washington War Criminals – B.J. Einertson (RF)
Made his major league debut in season 4 batting .290 with 14 2Bs, and 17 HRs while knocking in 51. He should absolutely murder right-handed pitching while holding his own against left handers if he develops into the power hitter that he projects to. Definitely could be a staple in the middle of Washington’s order for years to come.

20. Honolulu Haoles – Chris Mirabelli (P)
Did not sign.

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