Saturday, December 29, 2007

2nd Installment

Seeing as we begin preparing for the amatuer draft on 1/4, I think I might try and up the pace at which I'm putting these things up, but we'll see. Oh, and for today's, I think Texas just made a trade to add some prospects? Something to keep in mind. And also, in retrospect I think I may have been a slightly easier grader on these guys.

AL South

Memphis Elvi- A traditionally strong team, Memphis has several players in the pipeline who can be difference makers upon their arrival to the Bigs. But while Memphis’ system is filled with pitchers, the system is decrepit when it comes to position players. It will be interesting to see what long term solution mh17 finds at shortstop. As such, this team merits a C for depth, but an A- for impact.

Glendon Sabathia LoA SP A An ideal guy for a four man rotation, will be very solid if he reaches his full potential
Tom Waterson AAA Cl A Could pitch 180 innings with an ERA under 4
Tony Guererro AA Cl A- Has health issues, gets out righties like they aren’t holding a bat
Jimmie Richardson AAA C B+ Good pitch calling, good eye and a nice enough bat
Trenidad Gonzalez AA SP B- His stats suggest he may not overcome control problems

Nashville Hound Dogs- With Ernst Stuart and Walker Newfield already playing at the ML level, Nashville’s foundation for the future is already in place. There are a few guys in the minors who could help that building process. Seeing as the Hound Dogs lack a catcher at the Low A level, a depth rating of C seems appropriate, and a B- for impact.

Andrew Clayton HiA RP A With only two pitches, Clayton is destined for long relief
Darryl Finley AA 1B A Ideal slugging 1B, plays no defense, and is an injury risk
Troy Patrick AAA RP B Nothing outstanding here, but will be a good relief pitcher
Ray Ashby AAA 2B B- Decent defense for a 2B, but just an average bat
Larry Carmona HiA LF C+ All around average, but LF demands more power

Santa Fe Locomotives- Brant Stevenson and Jesus James will conduct this pitching staff for many seasons to come, but they shouldn’t expect any help coming up from within the organization. Santa Fe has invested in hitters, and done an excellent job of it, with guys on their way to fill in any holes in the current ML line up. I see this team as deserving an A for impact and a B for depth.

Ed Steele AA RF A Only flaw is having only an average batting eye
Ruben Dali AAA SS A- More range would be nice, but he swings a mean bat
JP Anderson AA 2B A- Highest ceiling of the group, but a very poor health rating
Eduardo Velazquez AAA RP A- Had a disastrous stint in the Majors last season
Bert Simon AA 1B B+ I personally like him more than Eric Borders, may end up at DH

Texas Black Socks- While the ML team is a little down right now, Texas has the minor league system to match Santa Fe going forward. The system boasts a variety of difference makers, should they reach their respective potentials, as well as a full compliment of above average prospects at nearly every position. This organization may only be a few pieces away from competing for Titles in years to come. An A for depth and an A for impact.

Juan Moreno HiA RF A Wields a fantastic bat, but not durable enough to play every day
Marc Priest AA RP A absolutely nothing not to like about this kid
Fausto Martin AAA SP A- pitch ratings are keeping him from an outright A grade
Bill Blauser LoA LF B+ Ugly hair, not a superb bat for LF, but will be fine in the Bigs
Neil Turner AAA 2B B Can really slug for a middle infielder.

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