Monday, December 31, 2007


NL West

Las Vegas Gamblers- It’s never easy to say, but at first glance this system appears impoverished. There are a few good players here, but for this first-place team the future doesn’t exactly offer a lot to mortgage. But I imagine robbie04 won’t be surprised in reading this, as he seems to be a sort of renegade owner in his skimping on scouting in order to carry Morgan’s second largest payroll. Check the standings; his system earns an F for depth, with a C- for impact. ML team will continue to contend though.

Benji Kelly AAA Cl A- Great splits, his stats in the minors don’t match his ratings
Nigel Rosen LoA RF B- Might reach a 100 contact rating, so an interesting case study into how the contact rating influences a player’s output.
Bob Bonham AA C C+ An above average defender and a prime candidate for a fluky .326 batting average in a given season
Midre Lee HiA Cl C+ Has a relievers stamina and a starters durability, but good ratings
Orlando Mendoza LoA 2B C+ fits better at 3B, he’s got some pop, fluky like Bonham?

Anaheim Red Birds- Brent Oswalt being restrained to bullpen duty is objectionable, as he gives Anaheim a second workhorse starter with Del Martinez. With Donn Gwynn, who is currently loafing on the DL, they give this team its foundation. As the mix of veterans start to leave, Anaheim has the pieces to fill in holes and even upgrade at more than a few of these spots. An enviable system, they’ve earned an A for depth and an A for impact.

Daniel Grace AAA CF A Can hit and can play every position. Absolutely solid.
Phillip McNiel AA 3B A- Curious to see what OPS he hits for with just average contact
Vic Moreno AAA 1B A- Wowzers can this guy hit, but he could break bones in the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese’s
Al Rivera HiA SP A- Great pitcher, may struggle with righties, is an injury risk
Dizzy Garcia HiA 2B B+ Just another sure bet major leaguer, may move to 3B or COF

Arizona Scottsdale- Doug Connelly is like Babe Ruth, or at least if the New York Yankees were actually the New York Los Angeles. But whatever. This is the franchise with Morgan’s first high octane offense back in season 2. Arizona has always had great players, but it has never all come together. Just look at Jim Jeffries. Help is on the way, but it may not be enough soon enough to get Doug a ring. Currently, this team merits a B for impact and a B- for depth.

Emil Fernandez
AAA SP A- Not a stud, but will be a fine ML pitcher, has a forkball!
Torey Gutierrez AA SS B+ Gold glove defense and a tough out against lefty pitching
Sergei McEnroe AAA SS B+ Gold glove defense and a tough out against righty pitching
Pasqual Chavez AA SP B With enough run support, could go 17-13 year in year out
Stephen Banks AA RP B Will have control problems, but can get out tough lefties

Fresno Grizzlies- hooner65, who actually has 65 teams, has an interesting complex of young and veteren talent at the ML level in Fresno. His two Alex’s in the minors will be difference makers on the ML club in the future, and at present he has a deep reserve of non-stud ML capable players in AAA. To be perfectly honest, this is an organization that can consistently compete for a division title in the coming seasons, but as is will not be a serious contender for League Championships. An A- for depth and a B- for impact.

Alex Durazo HiA SP A- Could anchor a four man rotation, can pick runners off of first
Alex Sojo AA RP A- Struggled in AAA, if he gets on track he could post great numbers
Billy Owen AAA RP B Solid ratings, gives up too many HR’s. Destined for Atlanta…
Kevin Sherman AAA C B Would like to see better pitch calling from an every day C
Nolan West LoA SS B- Plenty of defense, average bat should have hot streaks at the dish

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