Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All All-Star Team

Nothing too eye opening here, but there were only 19 repeat all-stars in Season 6 from Season 5. In fact, there are only 10 players who have been all stars for the past three seasons. They are:

PT McNamera, P, Cincinnati Reds
Joel Coleman, P, St Louis Melon Farmers
Al Pena, LF, Hartford Harpoons
Carlos Johnson, 1B, Hartford Harpoons
Vladimir Goya, CF, Cleveland Cleveland Stormtroopers
Jerome Turner, P, Scottsdale Mad Jesters
Earl Wilkerson, P, Scottsdale Mad Jesters
Will Monroe, P, Scottsdale Mad Jesters
Rusty Jones, LF, Scottsdale Mad Jesters
Stan Jackson, SS, Chicago Knights

The teams listed are their current teams, not necessarily the team they have spent the most time with. Earl Wilkerson missed the Season 3 all-star team, but is a five time all-star. Vladimir Goya is a five time all-star as well, elected each season since his rookie year in Season 2. Jerome Turner has also been an all-star since season 2. No player has been an all-star for all six seasons of Morgan World's existence. Suprisingly, another five time all-star, Doug Connelly, 1B, Arizona Scottsdale, who is the best candidate for some sort of non-existant player-of-the-decade award, failed to make the all-star team in Season 5, the result of a down year that saw his stats fall to .317/68/176 (career averages of .356/69/182).

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