Thursday, December 27, 2007

First Installment

Two things, (1) at the end of this we'll do an overall top 30 prospects list and also (2) any whining should be directed at milbredhawk. Thanks.

NL East

Boston Blood Sox- This is a tough system to grade, as Boston has already graduated most of its talent to the ML level, leaving the minors somewhat depleted. Were this assessment taken a season or two ago, Boston would have received a B+ for depth and an A+ for impact, but currently this team merits only a B- for Impact and a C for depth.

Carlos Urbina AAA RF A- Great range for a corner out fielder with a nice bat
J.J. Truby AA Cl B+ May well be the closer of the future for this team
James Hong AAA SP B Graded highly because of an outstanding gb/fb ratio
Javier Polanco AA C B- A good hitter, decent defense, but may be an injury risk
Steve Thompson AAA 3B (SS) B- brings gold glove defense with decent l/r splits

Hartford Harpoons- An established winner at the ML level, Hartford will look to their minor league system to fill holes and provide complimentary players to the guys already up in the next few seasons. A system that backs Carlos Johnson up with 18 1B, Hartford earns a B for depth and a B for impact.

Happy Moore AAA C A- Can rake, but lacks the defense and stamina to play every day
Philip Adams AAA LF A- Not much power for a LF, but is more than capable of getting on base for CJ to knock home
Frank Garcia AA Cl B+ Might have issues with stamina
Ross Snyder AA 2B B Good range and glove, nice splits
Andrew O'Malley HiA SP B- Should develop into a serviceable back or the rotation starter

Wichita Twisters- This system is deep on average bats with outstanding defense. System could use a good true center fielder, as well as an injection of starting pitching. The depth of the system will improve the ML team in the years to come, but one more big time pitcher to help out Craig Walls in the future would make a world of difference. That all amounts to an A- for depth and a B- for impact.

Ivan Martinez LoA 1B A- A great bat, and boasts the worst attitude in Morgan World
Bruce Christman AAA 2B B+ All around solid, may change position due to a weak arm
Felipe Guerrero HiA 3B B Another solid guy, brings solid defense and an average bat
Alberto Matos AA C B Will form a solid platoon at C with Einar Sanchez
Kenneth Aldridge HiA SS B- Could win the gold glove yearly at 3B

New Britain Claymores- Not a pleasant thing to say, but after three straight second place finishes in the division, this franchise may need to take some time to rebuild itself. There are some starters making there way up the pipe line, but no big time sluggers in the minor leagues. For now, a C for depth and a B- for impact.

Brent Collier AAA SP A- Will be a workhorse, but may not reach elite pitcher status
Theodore Buckley HiA SS B+ gold glove defense and can hit lefty pitching well
Larry Wilkinson AA 2B B- fantastic eye, but only an average defender
Vic Morales AAA SP B- Has stamina but no durability, need to see how he’ll be used
Enrique Cortez HiA SP B- could be a great pitcher or struggle with his control problems

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