Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Prospect Report

Okay so I thought something to do with prospects would make for an interesting read on the blog. Here's how it will work, every team (a division at a time) will be given a grade on depth of the minor league system as well as strength of the impact players at the top of the minor league system. Next, each systems top five prospects (in my opinion) will be listed, graded, with a throw away line for those to lazy to actually look the guy up.

I realize that my grading will inevitably be flawed. First, there will be biases in what I look for in prospects, for example I value a good batting eye more than I value power or contact, and a poor health rating scares me away from a guy. Second, I'm trusting my advance scouts, but I have a prety good amount budgeted there. Last, I'm sure the grades wont be perfectly consistent over the whole process, but the important thing I guess is that I'm highlighting the five names to look for.

The grades are intended to hit a bell curve, so to earn an A a guy should be in the top 5% of prospects. For my purposes, an A will be given for a sure bet multi-season all-star, a B for a guy with a shot at becoming an all-star for a season, and a C for just an average major leaguer. For depth, a C prospect at some level at every position merits an A. For impact, and this is hazy, having five guys at a B+ rating or better merits an A. Remember, this is a grade of the minor league system, not of the overall organization. Oh and one more thing, any player currently on the ML roster is left out of the grading.

Here's the schedule:
12/27 NL East
12/29 AL South
12/31 NL West
1/2 AL North
1/4 NL North
1/6 AL East
1/8 NL South
1/10 AL West

So again, this wont be perfect but I don't care, it'll give everyone something to stare at. Enjoy.

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