Monday, December 24, 2007

Blog Notes

Milbredhawk(Brett) is going to work on an interesting project about ranking teams prospects, he'll do it a division at a time. Should be very interesting.

Until then I noticed a couple of my former players were having good seasons, so I made up an 25 man all-star team of guys that at one point were on the Mad Jesters team. This is probably interesting to only me, but here it is.

Tim Stanley C
Benji Gonzalez C
Jim Stewart 1B/OF
Walker Newfield 2b/3b
Orlando Martin SS/2b
Tim Smith 3B
Victor Unamano SS
Enrique Ruiz RF
Brian Randolf OF
Benj Clark LF
Wes Davies CF
Happy Mcnamara CF
Happy Pressley DH (Two Happy's??? I think the Happy nickname is overused)

Joel Coleman SP1
Vitas Sobkowiak SP2
Danys Guzman SP3
Max Barrios SP4
Ivan Ulrich SP5
Wilt McEnroe LRA
Clay Reese LRA
Fernando Sanchez RP
Gookie Sellers RP
Daniel Malone RP
Steve Childers RP
Ralph Kell RP/CLA

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